NUTRIMAD 2018 Congress (IV World Congress of Public Health Nutrition and XII Congress of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition)

24th - 27th October 2018, Madrid (ES) 

The NUTRIMAD 2018 Congress was a success, organized in Madrid between the 24th and the 27th of November, with almost 500 attendees and over 120 lectures, symposiums, roundtables, etc., during four days, including physicians, nurses, dietitians, journalists, researchers, health professionals, chefs, educators, and  representatives of the food industry and public administration.  The Congress also had a great impact in the different media.

Prof. Dr. Gregorio Varela-Moreiras, Professor of Nutrition at the CEU San Pablo University and co-president of NUTRIMAD 2018 declared: "we wanted to create a high-quality scientific program highlighting the national and international research activity that will also serve to lay the foundations for future research".

The Congress concluded with the Declaration of Madrid on nutrition for the XXI century, a consensus document that will offer nutritional guidelines in order to promote healthy habits among the population as a whole and which we hope will serve as an inspiration for the whole society. Prof. Dr. Carmen Pérez-Rodrigo, president of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC) and co-president of NUTRIMAD 2018, commented: “this Declaration aims to create a strong compromise to achieve a better quality of life, a happier society and a positive, active and healthy aging in the present and future generations”.

Obesity, Mediterranean Diet, physical exercise, sustainability, nutrigenomics, food composition, labelling and reduction of critical nutrients were some of the relevant topics reviewed during the NUTRIMAD 2018 Congress.

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