TURNTABLE Kick Off Meeting

17-18 September 2019, Sassari (Italy) 

TURNTABLE aims to address the challenge of maintaining vitality and physical wellness amongst older adults (65 years and over) though an extendable one-stop-shop ICT platform (TURNTABLE). As we age, we tend to be more sedentary, less active, and less willing to engage with new technologies. These trends worsen normal age-related decline, both physical and cognitive. Thus, users will be involved at all stages in platform development including selection of components, integration and adaptation to user needs.

EuroFIR AISBL is responsible for Task 1.2 – Co-creation sessions execution (WP1), which aims to ensure design and content of TURNTABLE is optimal. We will recruit volunteers to help, organise sessions, and follow-up with participants in Belgium.

EuroFIR is also leading Task 5.3 – Impact-oriented dissemination (WP5), which aims to raise awareness of TURNTABLE and help with recruitment of users for both the co-creation sessions and field-trials. We will manage the project webpage, social media account, and be involved in development and delivery of the communication and dissemination plan for the project.

In September, project partners met in beautiful Sassari (IT) for a two-days face-to-face meeting to discuss the detailed activity planning. Many crucial decisions were taken, a Steering Committee appointed, and Deliverables assigned to beneficiaries.

Read more about TURNTABLE here

European finale of the SEAFOODTOMORROW recipe contest

Between December 2018 and May 2019, aspiring chefs from Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Poland, France, and Sweden have been battling it out to create new seafood recipes using sustainable species, rather than commonly over-fished species. Supported by the EU-funded SEAFOODTOMORROW project, winners from the six national contests participated in the final competition, which took place on the 1st July at the culinary school - Ferrandi in Paris (FR).

Students and teachers from regional cooking schools were asked to create innovative dishes, using locally-sourced, sustainable seafood species, which cater specifically to dietary needs of pregnant women, older people, and children. On a population basis, these groups eat the least fish, but would benefit from the high-quality, easily digested protein and other nutrients (e.g. omega-3 in oily fish).

Entries were judged by a panel of representatives from the seafood and food industry and mass catering companies, as well as chefs and nutritionists. The winning recipes were judged on nutritional value, texture / functionality aspects, and industrial feasibility. Angelika Mantur-Vierendeel was a member of the jury, because of her nutritional expertise and previous experience with helping individuals eat more healthily, as well as her passion for cooking. Two dishes were chosen from each category, which will be adapted for production in restaurants, hotels, and canteens across Europe.

All the recipes taking part will be included in a SEAFOODTOMORROW recipe eBook to be made publicly available and, hopefully, available for tasting at the SEAFOODTOMORROW final event in 2020.

Pictures of the dishes:

Pictures of the contestants and the jury:

Receive up to €3000 to connect with aquaculture experts in Europe and South-East Asia

EURASTiP Exchange Programme

Maximise existing and new collaborations and strategic partnerships between Europe and south-east Asia in the aquaculture sector with the EURASTiP Exchange ProgrammeOpportunities are available for industry, researchers and educators from both regions to connect and gain new perspectives while sharing innovative ideas to help develop long term partnerships. Bursaries of up to €3000 are available per exchange (subject to eligibility criteria) to support international innovation and collaboration.

Deadline: 30 September 2018

More details and to apply: see the EURASTiP Exchange Programme_Flyer for more details, and http://www.eurastip.eu/exchanges Contact:
Industry & Research Exchanges:
Educator Exchanges:
Mieke Eggermont
Ghent University, Belgium
Marieke Reuver
AquaTT, Ireland
EURASTiP is an EU-funded H2020 project promoting multi-stakeholder contributions to international cooperation on sustainable solutions for aquaculture development in south-east Asia. For more details, see the project website: http://eurastip.eu/