CEN Standard

CEN/TC 387 “Project Committee – Food composition data”

The proposal for a new project on a Standard for Food Composition Data was sent to CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, from the SIS TC505 on 16 April.

On 17 July 2008, CEN replied:


Subject: Form A – Food Composition Data BT, – having considered the Form A submitted by SIS as included in BT N 7989; decides, – to create a New Project Committee, CEN/TC 387 “Project Committee – Food composition data”, to work on a European standard according to the specifications provided in Annexes I and II to BTN 7989; – to ask the new Project Committee to submit its programme of work for approval to BT by 2008-12-31 – to allocate the Chairmanship and Secretariat CEN/TC 387 “Project Committee – Food composition data” to SIS; – to thank SIS for taking this initiative. This resolution is applicable as from: 2008-07-17.
The work on the proposed Food Standard is currently under progress. As soon as news are available, we will publish them here. Working draft document on the Food Data proposal (180 KB – PDF) The CEN website: www.cen.eu