Poster competition

We are pleased to announce that our bi-annual Poster Competition is open for submissions!

The competition is open to any original scientific research providing it meets the required format and can be categorised under one of the five topics (see below):


  1. Food composition, intake and consumption information
  2. Nutrient profiling, food information for consumers and health eating
  3. Nutrition and/ or health claims
  4. Developing/ delivering sustainable seafood products
  5. Reducing food waste


To submit your abstract please complete the questionnaire here.

The submission deadline is 28th February 2018 (20:00 CET)


The first author must attend the Food Forum Symposium on Wednesday 11th Wednesday 2018 in Brussels (to check the venue & accommodation, please visit the INFO section).

Successful abstracts will be announced in early March 2018.


Awards will be given to five posters (one from each category) at the 2018 EuroFIR Food Symposium. First authors of the poster will be expected to summarise their poster orally and take 2-3 short questions after lunch on Wednesday 11th April 2018.


Contact EuroFIR Secretariat (