EuroFIR Food Forum 2016

EuroFIR Food Forum 2016 focused on health claims and food labelling regulations in the European Union. EuroFIR Members and researchers, dietitian and nutritionists, the food industry and SMEs, and health and food public authorities had the opportunity to learn more and exchange knowledge about better food labelling and traceability.

The EuroFIR Food Forum 2016 included:

  • The EuroFIR Food Symposium 2016 focused on the latest European regulatory actions for food information, nutrition and health claims, and the safety for food allergic individuals as well as the impact these legal frameworks have on individuals and the food industry.
  • RICHFIELDS ‘Food matching for dietary assessment’ Workshop: a workshop exploring how resources (e.g. food consumption and food composition databases) can be integrated and interoperability assured in the medium- and longer-terms.
  • New Poster Competition! EuroFIR was offering the opportunity to submit abstracts to the outstanding Food Science Poster Competition. The award was given to 3 winners at the EuroFIR Food Symposium 2016. Read more here

The EuroFIR Food Forum 2016 was a valuable networking opportunity to connect and to catch up with EuroFIR Members, coming from all over the world and representing academia, SMEs and public authorities.  

Save the date! EuroFIR Food Forum 2017 will take place from Monday 3rd April to Friday 7th April 2017.Paul Finglas Managing Director

Paul Finglas

President & Managing Director – EuroFIR AISBL