Joint EuroFIR/MoniQA Membership for small companies

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Joint MoniQA/EuroFIR Membership for small companies

For 800 EUR per year, legal persons/consultants/one man companies and small companies (SMEs) with less than 6 employees and a turn over less than 400.000 euros per year have the opportunity to sign up for a joint Membership to EuroFIR AISBL and MoniQA .

 About EuroFIR AISBL and MoniQA

European Food Information Resource – EuroFIR AISBL

EuroFIR AISBL, is an international, member-based, non-profit Association and it was set up in 2009 to ensure sustained advocacy for food information in Europe. EuroFIR’s mission is to be the best and only independent broker of validated food composition data and supporting information in Europe and beyond, facilitate improved data quality, storage and access, and encourage wider applications and exploitation of food composition data for both research and commercial purposes.

Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the Total Food Supply Chain – MoniQA Association

MoniQA is an international and interdisciplinary network of professionals from institutions working in food research, regulatory bodies and trade, providing solutions to promote a safer and secure food supply worldwide. MoniQA facilitates international research collaborations to enable services and products for food safety & quality assurance. MoniQA contributes to the development and validation of analytical methods, provides training and continuous professional development (CPD), consultancy and socio-economic impact assessment.

Membership benefits:

Legal persons/consultants/one man companies and small companies (SMEs) will get high values services offered by both associations covering food data and information underpinning nutrition and public health aspects.


Please feel free to contact EuroFIR Secretariat at or MoniQA Association at

Check out below some of the membership benefits from both Associations: