Past events


EuroFIR Food Forum 2015

23rd-25th March 2015

Organised by EuroFIR AISBL

Brussels, Belgium.

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Pleasure Final Conference  

Friday 5th December 2014

Organised by EuroFIR AISBL

Brussels, Belgium.

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Workshop on EU Project Management & Science Communication 

Monday 17th November (12.30) – Thursday 20th November 2014 (17.30)

Organised by EuroFIR AISBL

Brussels, Belgium.

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3rd International Advance Course Exposure in Assessment in Nutrition Research

25 – 29 August 2014
Wageningen, the Netherlands

Course description

The Advance Course will address methodological aspects of exposure assessment in nutrition and related fields of biomedical research.

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Mrs. Eva Oudshoorn,

The Graduate School VLAG

P.O. Box 17, 6700 AA Wageningen, NL.

Phone: +31 317 485310;


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Summer School: Introduction to Total Diet Studies for Assessing Exposure

Sunday 22nd June – Friday 27th June 2014,


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1st IMEKOFOODS Conference: Metrology Promoting Objective and Measurable Food Quality and Safety

12nd  – 15th October 2014 

Rome, Italy 

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11th International Postgraduate Course on the Production and Use of Food Composition Data in Nutrition


7 – 17 October, 2012

Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey


9th International Food Data Conference

14 – 17 September 2011

Norwich, UK

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EuroFIR NEXUS kick-off meeting and 2nd EuroFIR AISBL GA Meeting

4 – 6 April 2011

Heidelberg, Germany


EuroFIR Stakeholders meeting

Understanding Food – EuroFIR’s success story towards becoming a unique food information provider March 25th, 2010, Museum of Natural Sciences, rue Vautier 29, B-1000, Brussels, Belgium.

Final programme (PDF – 667 KB)


Overview of EU regulatory initiatives on nutrition information on foods (PDF – 92 KB)
Helen Lee, DG Sanco, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

EuroFIR – A success story
Paul Finglas, EuroFIR Coordinator, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK (PDF – 6 MB)

The EuroFIR Food Data Platform (PDF – 6,8 MB)
Anders Møller, Danish Food Information, Roskilde, Denmark

The uses of food data by EFSA (PDF – 4,6 MB)
Dr. Liisa Valsta, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Parma, Italy

The CEN Food Data Standard – GS1 & EuroFIR working together (PDF – 668 KB)
Loek Boortman, GS1, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Food specification for consumers throughout mobile Internet – „The Proxi-Produit project”
René Le Caignec, QSN Technology/Institut Icare, Sierre, Switzerland

EuroFIR’s eBASIS bioactive databank system for bioactive compounds with putative health benefits – Uses and future exploitation by EFSA and industry (PDF – 3,6 MB)
Dr. Mairead Kiely, University College Cork, Ireland

Harmonized nutrient databases in international nutritional studies: Experiences from the EPIC project and future opportunities with EuroFIR
Dr. Nadia Slimani, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Lyon, France

Sustainable exploitation of bioactive compounds from the Black Sea Area traditional foods (BaSeFood) – Utilising experiences and procedures from EuroFIR (PDF – 396 KB)
Prof. Filippo D’Antuonu, University of Bologna, Italy

EuroFIR AISBL – The future (PDF – 5,5 MB)
Paul Finglas & Simone Bell, EuroFIR AISBL, Belgium