2020 Top Stories | News

Front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labelling: European Heart Network position 

For many years, the European Heart Network (EHN) has actively advocated for introduction of simplified nutrition information on the front of food packages as a cardiovascular health promoting measure. In its 2017 paper Transforming European food and drink policies for cardiovascular health EHN called for the EU to adopt mandatory EU-wide simplified front-of-pack (FOP) nutritional labelling and recommended a scheme which uses traffic light colours to indicate high, medium and low levels of fat, saturated fat, salt and (preferably added) sugar, and committed to following developments in evidence for the most effective FOP nutrition labelling scheme. Since publication of the paper in 2017, there have been several developments on FOP nutrition labelling at the global and European levels. In light of these major developments, and in line with its commitment to follow developments in evidence, EHN has adopted a new position on FOP labelling ... read more

Webinar - Better-for-you biscuits in Europe

In a world increasingly concerned about health and aesthetics, people are looking for healthier versions of foods not usually regarded as such. For this reason, Mintel has undertaken a market study to see what trends are having the most success (e.g. no added sugars, light, vegan) but, in this case, we are talking about biscuits and cookies... read more

What is the best way to support quality-of-life for the elderly? 

In a world engrossed by technology, where the social media abounds, something needs to be done to include older people who are not only missing out on potential benefits, but also have much to contribute. This idea underpins working being done to create TURNTABLE, a platform supporting healthy and active ageing among older adults, helping to prolong independent living...read more here

FAO Europe - Central Asia Webinar: lifting lockdowns - what next for food systems?

FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia organized a Webinar on Tuesday 28th May 2020 aimed to mitigate the covid-19 impacts on food production, processing, and logistics of supply chains.

As countries ease lockdown measures, a new set of challenges emerges for food production, processing, and logistics of supply chains. Some of these can provide opportunity for growth, given that policymakers and value chain actors play their part.

Watch the webinar here.

News from Consiglio per la ricerca e l’analisi dell’economia agraria - Centro Alimenti e Nutrizione (CREA, IT) 

The Consiglio per la ricerca e l'analisi dell' economia agraria - Centro Alimenti e Nutrizione (CREA, IT) published a new online platform, AlimentiNUTrizione which provides the most advanced knowledge on food composition. The Italian Food Composition Tables were also updated in December 2019... read more here