Journal of Ethnic Foods Symposium - 28.10.2019 Seoul (KR)

Angelika Mantur-Vierendeel represented EuroFIR at the Journal of Ethnic Foods Symposium in Seoul (South Korea) where she presented some of EuroFIR’s work on ethnic foods in Europe. During the EuroFIR Network of Excellence project, one work package considered traditional and ethnic foods with the aim of providing new and reliable data on the nutritional composition of ethnic foods from seven EU Member States and Israel, which could be included in their national food composition databases. To achieve this goal, specific standards and mechanisms were developed to sample and analyse foods and harmonise procedures. Angelika also explained the work the Association does on food composition datasets more widely as well as the importance of FCDBs in nutrition and other domains.

The Journal of Ethnic Foods is dedicated to providing reliable information about people’s consumption of food.