Future Of Food Conference - 20.11.2019 Brussels (BE)

Paul Finglas (EuroFIR & QIB - UK), Maria Kapsokefalou (AUA, GR) and Angelika Mantur-Vierendeel attended this interesting event, focusing on the future of food systems in Europe, which was organised by Friends of Europe and EIT Food. Topics focused on transforming food production and consumption through digitalisation, new sources of dietary protein, and revolutionising the food system. It also provided a great opportunity to discuss ambitious and practical solutions for a more inclusive, sustainable and forward-looking Europe.

We need a steady supply of high quality, nutritious and safe food for all people, but it also needs to be sustainable. As consumers, we all need to make changes in our own behaviour to contribute to sustainability and healthy environment. Changing attitudes towards the environment, health and lifestyle and depleting resources are forcing the agrifood sector to adapt to the new challenges, because humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services exceed what the Earth can regenerate. Malnutrition and obesity have become pandemics, intensive farming practices have led to erosion and decline in soil quality, and biodiversity is plummeting. However, these challenges also present new opportunities to change the ways we produce, consume, and share food globally.