2019 News

13th International Food Data Conference (13th IFDC)
16-18th October 2019, Lisbon – PT

The 13th IFDC was attended by many EuroFIR Members and there was a lot of interest in presentations and posters related to EuroFIR activities. As a result, we hope to acquire some new Members and continue to improve our links and extend our activities with other regions of INFOODS. There were also several interesting discussions amongst Members and we will follow up some of these issues within the Discussion Groups during the next EuroFIR Food Forum (7-9th April 2020). Presentations specifically related to EuroFIR activities and EU-funded projects included:

  • EuroFIR default value documentation for aggregated/compiled nutritional values (Susanne Westenbrink et al.)
  • New initiatives on open access harmonised food composition data for developing and emerging countries (Mark Roe et al.)
  • Production of a nutritional composition dataset for seafood consumed in Europe (Mark Roe et al.)
  • Estimation of nutrient values from label data in branded foods (Karl Presser et al.)
  • Comprehensive EuroFIR recipe calculation guideline to produce food composition data (Katja Sandfuchs et al. - see individual report)
  • REFRESH food waste compositional database - Food Waste Explorer (Hannah Pinchen et al.)
  • Harmonisation of data aggregation procedures for food composition databases within EuroFIR (Nicole Fark et al. - see individual report)
  • Quality Information Service and Diet advice for Personalised Nutrition in Europe (QUISPER) (Paul Finglas et al.)
  • A system for updating EuroFIR thesauri used for harmonised documentation of food composition data (Marie Machackova et al.)
  • Sweeteners & Sweetness Enhancers: Impact on health, obesity, safety and sustainability (SWEET) (Siân Astley et al.)

Members also presented work related to compilation and use of national datasets.

More information is available from the conference website.


Nevin Scrimshaw & Greenfield and Southgate Lectures

Our long-time colleague, Paul Hulshof (Wageningen University, NL) presented the Nevin Scrimshaw Award lecture in recognition of his work, development and delivering training in the area of food composition, and the Greenfield and Southgate award lecture was presented by Hettie Schönfeldt (University of Pretoria, ZA) for her outstanding contribution to food composition science. Hettie has played a very significant role in EuroFIR and INFOODS activities and, in recent years, has been influential in helping EuroFIR to link effectively to data compilation and training activities throughout Africa. Congratulations to both Paul and Hettie!