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The Food History project


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What is Food History?
Food History is a project which explains how the relationship between food and human beings has evolved throughout history. We will chronologically go over the landmarks of different periods in History (Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Metal Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Modern Age and Contemporary Era), starting with the moment when fire was discovered and hence became the origin of cookery, to the improvements in agriculture and livestock farming, the first fermentations used in food, etc.
What is in the book?
Using icons and brief explanations, this book will teach us about the evolution of food up to the present day. We will get to know the landmarks in History and their location in time thanks to several timelines. Its original format will help us learn different and new information about food and it will make us want to know more fun facts about different types of food.
Who is this book for?
Due to its simple and educational language, this book has been designed for all ages. Anyone will be able to look up the origin of many foods and how they have evolved throughout history.