Current Projects

EuroFIR AISBL is or has been a partner in a variety of EU-funded projects. These projects cover risk-benefit analysis of food supplements containing non-nutritive bioactive compounds, food information and traceability in the food chain, and improving European nutrition through a fully evidence based profession of dietetics.

It will generate new knowledge to develop commercial solutions for improving the socio-economic and environmental sustainability of the European seafood production and processing industry.

It aims to develop a ‘Framework for Action’ model based on strategic agreements across all stages of the supply chain. EuroFIR will develop a compositional database which provides users with ready access to the biochemical composition of agri-food chain waste streams.

It will design a world-class research infrastructure on food and health consumer behaviour and lifestyle. EuroFIR  is leading Work Package on Stakeholders Engagement.

It aims to deliver a digital platfrom as a supporting basis for creating and delivering personalised nutrition services in Europe.

It aims to develop and extend nutritional labelling software and services for food manufacturers including SMEs.