Benefit from a range of unique opportunities

EuroFIR AISBL is the only independent food composition resource in Europe bringing together food composition datasets from 26 EU Member States, Canada and the US – at a single point of entry – as well as working with INFOODS outside Europe. We are recognised as an independent resource promoting trust throughout a proven network of contacts facilitating access and cooperation amongst national food composition database compiler organisations and other key users including the food industry, research, education and policy-makers. EuroFIR AISBL provides:

  • A flexible, cost-effective range of benefits including access to food composition data (nutrients and bioactives)
  • Bespoke training and consultancy, directly or via the Membership
  • Research and development opportunities through the European Commission’s FP7 and Horizon 2020 Programmes, and others (only to Associate and Full members!)
  • Access to a European network of food composition data compilers, stakeholders, food industry and other contacts worldwide

Members’ Benefits

EuroFIR AISBL members will benefit from a range of opportunities, which are partly described below.

  • FoodEXplorer


    This innovative new interface for food composition data allows users to search information from most EU Member States as well as Canada and USA, simultaneously. Ordinary Members have access to a wide range of data, linking foods and nutrients through harmonised data description (LanguaL), standardised components and value description with the use of EuroFIR thesauri (standard vocabularies) and associated nutrient value information.

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  • Food Basket main screen

    Food Basket main screen

    FoodBasket  supports all users, especially dieticians, with the calculation of composite and prepared foods. It runs on mobile devices (e.g. smart phones and tablets) as well as desktop computers, and the user-friendly, multi-lingual interface enables users to select any food composition dataset linked with FoodEXplorer.

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  • eBasis


    The EuroFIR eBASIS (Bioactive Substances in Food Information Systems) is a unique Internet deployed food composition and biological effects database for plant-based bioactive compounds with putative health benefits. Over 300 major European plant foods are listed and information on 17 compound classes (e.g. phytosterols, polyphenols, glucosinolates and lignans) is provided covering multiple bioactive compound classes and plant foods, with data sourced from peer-reviewed literature.

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  • ePlantLIBRA-schematicWEB

    ePlantLIBRA development was based on three existing databases; eBASIS (Bioactive Substances in Food Information System), developed by EuroFIR (; the MoniQA contaminants database, EU FP6-funded MoniQA (Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the total food supply chain) database (; and Fera’s HorizonScan database (

    ePlantLIBRA has been developed to produce a comprehensive, easily searchable database containing quality evaluated scientific information on Plant and Plant Food Supplement (PFS) bioactive compound composition, botanical information, beneficial bioactivity data and case-reports of adverse effects, as well as composition of potential contaminants.

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  • eLearning (demo version) These elearning modules are ideal for food compilers and users of food composition information who want to know more about the principles, strengths and limitations of analysis methods used to determine:

    • Nutrient analysis for non-chemists (macronutrient composition)
    • Vitamins (micronutrient composition)
  • EuroFIR is offering its members the opportunity to receive direct support if they wish to publish their research on Food Chemistry.

    Benefits include:

    Food Chemistry

    • Personalized advice on the suitability of your manuscript for Food Chemistry
    • Information on the Publishing Process
    • Direct advice on the manuscript preparation
    • Insight on the manuscript status once it is submitted

  • 19c80369-2644-48e4-9723-a9ce11eb0091

    EuroFIR offers opportunities for bespoke training and consultancy through a variety of workshops and training sessions on topics ranging from food analysis and recipe calculation to quality assessment and total diet studies

    EuroFIR can also offer bespoke packages of food composition data from our tools containing user defined parameters such as prioritised food components, prioritised food data by region or country

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  • EuroFIR repository services
    • The EuroFIR Document Repository provides access to published and unpublished source documents, as well as making documents produced by members more readily available to users.
    • The EuroFIR Data Repository will make available computer files of food composition data extracted from source documents, including the grey literature such as analytical reports and posters that will also be included in the Document Repository.
  • EuroFIR thesauri
    • The proposal for structure and detail of a EuroFIR standard on food composition data specifies eight thesauri (i.e. controlled vocabularies), for documenting the value of a component in a given food.  The description of the food is regulated through the LanguaL Thesaurus.

Members benefits