For software developers

Why do you need food composition data?

Control of your weight loss with mobile application.For software developers providing programmes and tools to work with nutritional information on food, high quality, official food composition data are essential to underpin these products. Ultimately the outputs of the product will only be as good as the data used by the software.

Many recipe, diet or menu planning software tools are based in a particular country and so use the national food composition data from that country. However, for any particular country’s dataset it is likely that there will be some products that are not included, for which data is out of date, or that some nutritional values may be missing. In addition, with an increasingly global food supply it may be that those who are using food composition-based software may be looking for information on products outside their own country.

The benefit of using the EuroFIR standardised food composition data is that it includes the most up to date, official data from across Europe and beyond. EuroFIR facilitates and improves the use of food composition data from national food composition databases (FCDBs) that are members of the association for commercial use.

Examples for the commercial use of these data are:

  • The development of software for implementation into mobile devices or Smart phones, video games (e.g. in the field of nutrition education) or for health advisors (e.g. for diabetes patients), as well as for the implementation of the software in kitchen and sport appliances (e.g. kitchen scales)
  •  Implementation in systems which can be accessed by a very large number of users from a wide range of sectors, for instance web portals, companies’ intranets and large-scale catering establishments.

There is the possibility of a  license agreement, and the datasets are provide in XML format, upon payment of a license, according to the number of countries selected. Please see the information below regarding the fees for these options (exclude VAT when applicable).


The fees include updates which are dependent on the delivery of new datasets by the compilers institutions of each country to EuroFIR AISBL. We also provide client support and limited Q&A. 



For more information about which food information is available via EuroFIR AISBL, have a look on the EuroFIR FoodEXplorer. Ask for a 15-day trial here.