EuroFIR recipe guideline

The Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers introduces rules for generation of mandatory and supplementary nutrition declaration for food labelling. Tolerances considering variations of nutrient levels in foods were also defined for nutrition labelling purposes. Consequently, documented recipe calculation procedures are regarded as an important part of high quality management of Food Composition Databases (FCD).

The most reliable method to obtain nutrient data is by direct food analysis using accredited  laboratories. However, food analyses are not always that cheap especially for more complex components and can be time-consuming. Alternatively, calculation methods can be used to determine the nutrient values especially for prepared foods and composite dishes in order to meet the new FIR regulations provided that recognised food composition data is used in each country.

The EuroFIR FoodComp Working Group have  reviewed recipe calculation procedures used in European FCD, and prepared a set of guidelines for recipe calculation procedures with  weight yields be applied at the recipe level, and nutrient retention factors being applied at the ingredient level.


You can download the guideline here: EuroFIR Recipe Guideline

Download the Excel table with an example here.

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