International Food Data Conferences are held every two years, with the 9th IFDC being held at Norwich in September 2011.  Poster contributors to the 9IFDC were asked to submit these in PDF format for publication online. The Conference posters currently available are listed below, with links to the poster PDF and to the Europe PubMed Central (CiteXplore, CTX) record that provides full bibliographic data. The following posters are currently included in the EuroFIR Document Repository:
1 Biodiversity and sustainable diets
1_04 Compositional analysis in pigments and bioactive compounds in four Opuntia sp with red prickly pears     PDF (156 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6168
1_07 Potentials of wild and cultivated edible Pleurotus tuber-regium flour in meeting the protein and micronutrient needs of population groups in resource poor communities    PDF (433 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6169
1_08 Data on composition of Slovenian honey types    PDF (11.25 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6170
1_09 Increased saccharide contents in waxy bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain    PDF (4.33 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6171
1_10 An exploration on greenhouse gas and ammonia production by edible insects    PDF (656 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6172
1_13 Influence of geographical conditions on carotenoid content of Portuguese cabbage    PDF (442 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6173
1_14 Black Sea area traditional foods as a new, valuable source of antioxidant polyphenols    PDF (644 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6174
1_15 Variation of sesquiterpene lactones and phenolics in chicory and endive germplasm    PDF (90 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6175
1_16 Fish and shellfish from sustainable fisheries are good sources of n-3 fatty acids    PDF (1.15 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6176
1_18 Italian garlic bulb (Allium sativum L.): Soil and cultivar influence on morphological and chemical parameters    PDF (3.49 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6177
2 Challenges for trade including labelling, health claims
2_01 Analysis of total individual polyphenols (TIP) for labelling functional content of commercial antioxidant fruit juices with health claims    PDF (135 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6178
2_03 Consumer inquiries on nutritional labeling and food advertising in Costa Rica    PDF (165 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6179
3 Food composition related policies, standards
3_01 Analytical survey of seafood consumed in the UK    PDF (706 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6180
3_05 Predicted contribution of folic acid voluntary fortification in Spain to children’s dietary intakes, as assessed with new food folate composition data    PDF (214 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6181
3_06 The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) Initiative on “Cardiovascular disease prevention through dietary salt reduction”    PDF (451 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6182
3_07 Nutritional analysis and characterisation of popular weight-loss diets in France    PDF (451 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6183
3_08 Survey on data of sodium in processed and prepared foods of Latin America    PDF (943 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6376
3_09 Effect of different maize meal diets on growth and vitamin A status    PDF (2.2 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6377
4 Database Management systems, quality
4_02 Evaluation of the analytical measurement uncertainty by two methods in food vitamin A and E determination    PDF (119 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6378
4_03 Adoption and adaptation – for enhancement of a local food and nutrient database    PDF (510 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6379
5 Delivering food composition data via emerging innovative tools
5_01 Using Google Analytics to measure visitor statistics on food composition websites    PDF (178 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6380
5_05 Use of the EuroFIR eSearch applying different criteria: some suggestions to improve its usability    PDF (644 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6381
6 Current activities on food composition at national and regional levels
6_01 Nutrient composition of pork – updated data for the Czech Database of Food Composition    PDF (114 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6382
6_02 ePlantLIBRA database: containing validated scientific information on Plant Food Supplement bioactive compounds    PDF (1.25 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6383
6_03 Food Composition Table of Nepalese diets: an initiative towards the food database    PDF (111 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6384
6_06 Food Databanks National Capability    PDF (484 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6385
6_08 Pilot study to develop a food composition database for a southern region of Ecuador    PDF (498 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6386
6_09 South Asian dietary patterns identified using ethnic food composition data    PDF (317 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6387
6_12 West African Food Composition Table    PDF (374 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6388
6_13 Estimation of South Asian food portion sizes for children    PDF (552 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6389
6_14 Validation of 24-hour recalls assisted by estimated records in British Asian children in Leeds    PDF (1.88 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6390
6_15 Ascorbic acid content in berries and red fruits: a contribution to produce quality data for food composition databases    PDF (623 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6391
6_16 Determination of total folate content in traditional foods from Black Sea Area countries    PDF (2.16 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6425
6_17 Proximate composition of plant origin traditional foods from Black Sea Area countries    PDF (2.09 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6431
6_18 Riboflavin content in selected traditional foods from Black Sea Area countries    PDF (1.89 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6517
6_19 Identification of phytochemical profiles to differentiate teas using fast HPLC with diode array and fluorescence detection    PDF (690 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6677
6_22 Formulating guidelines for developing yield factors for South African foods    PDF (3.93 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6528
6_28 Coefficients for conversion from volume to food gram weights for a dietary survey described in the USDA Food and Nutrient Database and New Zealand Food Composition Tables    PDF (4.16 MB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6535
7 New emerging technologies for analysis of nutrients
7_04 Isoflavones content of soybean derived foods available in major supermarket chains in Spain    PDF (424 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6676
7_05 Composition of nutritional starches in processed plantain    PDF (487 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6673
7_08 Analyses of vitamin K in eggs and leguminous plants for the Swedish Food Database    PDF (174 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6674
8 Effective capacity development and training
8_01 The Official Slovak Development Support Programme in food composition area for Central and Eastern European countries    PDF (529 KB)   Europe PMC: CTX/c6675

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