Release of 7th edition of the Belgian food composition table

We are more aware of the important role that food plays in protecting their health, making scientifically accurate and objective information more important than ever. A new edition of the Belgian food composition table (7th edition) provides access to the most comprehensive values with new products including vegetarian and sports options.

1544 foods listed

A total of 144 products have been added since the last edition (1400 in 2017 -> 1544 in 2022). Foods are classified by food groups, and nutrient values include those for energy, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fats, fatty acids and cholesterol profile, fiber, water, vitamins and minerals.

Nubel has also added recipes with lists of ingredients to give an idea of the compositions of prepared dishes.

In the appendices, there is information about nutritional advice, official recommendations, practical application, information on additives, sweeteners, food supplements, information on weights and measures. The Belgian food composition table is available in French and Dutch.

An additional tool for schools

The food composition table is used in many secondary schools as a support for nutrition lessons. To support teachers, Nubel has developed a pedagogical “escape game” where students solve problems related to nutrition and healthy eating, promoting a healthy relationship with foods rather than dieting. The game takes place in the classroom over a period of 1.5 hours and aimed at years 4-6.

The composition table and game are tools of Nubel ASBL, which has managed the Belgian food composition table since 1990. The association manages scientific nutritional information on the foodstuffs that make up a varied and balanced diets. All information about Nubel, the Belgian food composition table and other tools can be found here.

You can order the table here.


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