2nd International DISH Cluster Workshop

12th October 2022

Unsafe food is associated with around 23 million cases of illness and 5000 premature deaths in Europe every year. Additionally, non-communicable diseases linked to diet (e.g., excess weight and obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease) are responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide including many premature deaths (i.e., before the age of 75 years).

The DISH Cluster aims to support consumers towards healthy diets, focusing on improved nutritional habits, and improved food safety. At this workshop, the cluster wanted to contribute to, and inspire efforts towards, safe and healthy food for all with keynotes speakers from the European Food System.

Some of the conclusions were that it remains important for this kind of messaging is kept as simple as possible using images and infographics and targeted towards a specific audience. Those delivering the messages need to be trusted by the various audiences and topics need to inclusive and informative with every-day examples. Whilst the science is interesting, many only want to know the bottom-line, what they must do in response to the problem; they do not always need the details.



  • Lars Münter – Nordic Health 2030 Movement
  • Solveig Langsrud, SafeConsume, Nofima AS (NO)
  • Pikka Jokelainen, One Health EJP TOXOSOURCES, Statens Serum Institut (DK)
  • Veronica Lattanzio, FoodSafety4EU, CNR-ISPA (IT)
  • Jose Angel Rufian Henares, Stance4Health, University of Granada (ES)
  • Domagoj Vrbos, EFSA (IT)
  • Cortney Price, FAO (IT)
  • Lisa Ackerley, Director of Medical and Scientific Engagement, Reckitt (UK)
  • Joanna Disson, Food Standards Agency (UK)
  • Gyula Kasza, The National Food Safety Office (HU)

The DISH Cluster comprises five projects (SafeConsume, Eat2benice, FoodSafety4EU, Stance4Health and One Health EJP) and aims to guide and support consumers towards healthy nutritional habits and improve food safety.

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