EFF Event “Implementing the EU legislation on deforestation: the way forward”

Thursday 13th October 21, 2022

European Parliament


On 17th November 2021, the European Commission (EC) published a legislative proposal for a regulation on deforestation-free products. The proposal aims to reduce deforestation through conversion to agricultural use by establishing new rules for commodities linked to high risk of deforestation, such as soy, beef, palm oil or coffee as well as some derived products.

The new rules impose continuous due diligence to prove products are not linked to deforestation or forest degradation, and require operators to disclose information about supply chains and report on measures to avoid deforestation, including strict traceability requirements for these commodities.

The event took place Thursday 13th October and was organised by European Food Forum Association, which EuroFIR AISBL joined as a Member in June 2022. The event gathered together representatives of civil society and industry as well as EC officials and MEPs who discussed on the topics of traceability, scope of the regulation, and specific controls that will need to be applied by European Union (EU) Member States.


Speakers agreed on the importance of this regulation for building a more transparent food chain and reinforcing traceability of food products imported into the EU. However, they also asked how far the concept of due diligence (i.e., identify, prevent, mitigate, and account for adverse corporate impacts on human rights and the environment) can – for example – be applied to each and every single seed of food products imported in the EU. The importance of cooperation and support for local farmers and producers in origin countries, who are willing to fight against deforestation or forest degradation, was also highlighted for success of the new legislation.


You can find more information about the event here: https://europeanfoodforum.eu/event/21-implementing-the-eu-legislation-on-deforestation-the-way-forward/



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