Food Chemistry Special Issue: 9th IFDC

Special Issue: 9th International Food Data Conference:

Food Composition and Sustainable Diets

Volume 140 issue 3, 1 October 2013



The 9th International Food Data Conference: A summary (FOCH 13466 PDF 160KB) B. BENELAM, J. BUTTRISS & P.M. FINGLAS (United Kingdom)  


Sustainable diets: Harnessing the nutrition agenda (FOCH 13632 PDF 944KB) J. BUTTRISS & H. RILEY (UK) FAO/INFOODS food composition database for biodiversity  (FOCH 13000 PDF 306KB) U. RUTH CHARRONDI.RE, B. STADLMAYR, D. RITTENSCHOBER, B. MOUILLE, E. NILSSON, E. MEDHAMMAR, T. OLANGO, S. EISENWAGEN, D. PERSIJN, K. EBANKS, V. NOWAK, J. DU & B. BURLINGAME (Italy) Health benefits of seafood; Is it just the fatty acids? (FOCH 13580 PDF 388KB) E.K. LUND (UK) Assessing caffeine intake in the United Kingdom diet (FOCH 12919 PDF 183KB) E. FITT, D. PELL & D. COLE (UK) Trans fatty acids in a range of UK processed foods (FOCH 13018 PDF 439KB) M. ROE, H. PINCHEN, S. CHURCH, S. ELAHI, M. WALKER, M. FARRON-WILSON, J. BUTTRISS & P. FINGLAS (UK) The influence of latitude on the concentration of vitamin D3 and 25-hydroxy-vitamin D3 in Australian red meat (FOCH 13173 PDF 224KB) J. LIU, H. GREENFIELD, N. STROBEL & D.R. FRASER (Australia) Application of ethnic food composition data for understanding the diet and nutrition of South Asians in the UK (FOCH 13175 PDF 271KB) S. KHOKHAR, F. ASHKANANI, S.D. GARDU.O-DIAZ & W. HUSAIN (UK) Development of a regional food composition table for West Africa (FOCH 13187 PDF 246KB) B. STADLMAYR, U.R. CHARRONDI.RE & B. BURLINGAME (Italy) Food composition activities in South Africa (FOCH 13238 PDF 377KB) P. WOLMARANS, J. CHETTY & N. DANSTER-CHRISTIANS (South Africa) Progress with a global branded food composition database (FOCH 13239 PDF 176KB) THE FOOD MONITORING GROUP The nutrient composition of three cuts obtained from P-class South African pork carcasses (FOCH 13240 PDF 235KB) S.M. VAN HEERDEN & M.F. SMITH (South Africa) Nutritional composition of minor indigenous fruits: Cheapest nutritional source for the rural people of Bangladesh (FOCH 13378 PDF 204KB) MD. TARIQUL ISLAM SHAJIB (Bangladesh, Denmark), M. KAWSER, MD. NURUDDIN MIAH, P. BEGUM, L. BHATTACHARJEE, A. HOSSAIN (Bangladesh), I.S. FOMSGAARD (Denmark) & S.N. ISLAM (Bangladesh) Pacific Tracker 2 – Expert System (PacTrac2-ES) behavioural assessment and intervention tool for the Pacific Kids DASH for Health (PacDASH) study (FOCH 13390 PDF 405KB) R. NOVOTNY, C. NIGG, K. MCGLONE, G. RENDA, N. JUNG, M. MATSUNAGA & N. KARANJA (USA) Variability in the contents of pork meat nutrients and how it may affect food composition databases (FOCH 13428 PDF 187KB) M. REIG, M.-C. ARISTOY & F. TOLDR. (Spain) A review of composition studies of Cameroon traditional dishes: Macronutrients and minerals (FOCH 13528 PDF 225KB) C.P. KOUEBOU, M. ACHU, S. NZALI, M. CHELEA, J. BONGLAISIN, A. KAMDA, P. DJIELE, G. YADANG, R. PONKA, G. NGOH NEWILAH, G. NKOUAM, C. TEUGWA & M.M. KANA SOP (Cameroon) The Slovenian food composition database (FOCH 13530 PDF 776KB) M. KOROŠEC, T. GOLOB, J. BERTONCELJ, V. STIBILJ & B.K. SELJAK (Slovenia) Comparative studies on the antioxidant properties and polyphenolic content of wine from different growing regions and vintages, a pilot study to investigate chemical markers for climate change (FOCH 13531 PDF 258KB) K. STOCKHAM, A. SHEARD, R. PAIMIN, S. BUDDHADASA, S. DUONG, J.D. ORBELL & T. MURDOCH (Australia) Nutrients and bioactive compounds of Thai indigenous fruits (FOCH 13604 PDF 189KB) K. JUDPRASONG, S. CHAROENKIATKUL, P. THIYAJAI & M. SUKPRASANSAP (Thailand) Capacity building in food composition for Africa (FOCH 13631 PDF 178KB) H.C. SCH.NFELDT & N. HALL (South Africa) Effect of different maize meal diets on growth and vitamin A: case-study on chickens (FOCH 12764 PDF 271KB) B. PRETORIUS & H.C. SCH.NFELDT (South Africa) Voluntary food fortification with folic acid in Spain: Predicted contribution to childrens dietary intakes as assessed with new food folate composition data (FOCH 13641 PDF 570KB) M.L. SAMANIEGO-VAESKEN, E. ALONSO-APERTE & G. VARELA-MOREIRAS (Spain) The new on-line Czech Food Composition Database (FOCH 13644 PDF 1.2MB) M. MACHACKOVA, M. HOLASOVA & E. MASKOVA & THINLINE INTERACTIVE S.R.O. (Czech Republic) Data collection and assessment of commonly consumed foods and recipes in six geo-political zones in Nigeria: Important for the development of a National Food Composition Database and Dietary Assessment (FOCH 13651 PDF 773KB) H.N. ENE-OBONG, R.A. SANUSI, E.A. UDENTA, I.O. WILLIAMS, K.M. ANIGO, E.C. CHIBUZO, H.M. ALIYU, O.O. EKPE & G.I. DAVIDSON (Nigeria) Application of Choices criteria in Brazil: Impact on nutrient intake and adequacy of food products in relation to compounds associated to the risk of non-transmissible chronic diseases (FOCH 13704 PDF 287KB) E.W. DE MENEZES, T.D.V.C. LOPES, E.R. MAZZINI, M.C.T. DAN, C. GODOY & E.B. GIUNTINI (Brazil) Food composition databases for effective quality nutritional care (FOCH 13735 PDF 1.2MB) B. KOROUŠICÅL SELJAK, V. STIBILJ, L. POGRAJC, N.F. MIS & E. BENEDIK (Slovenia) Dietary fibre: Challenges in production and use of food composition data (FOCH 13071 PDF 325KB) S. WESTENBRINK, K. BRUNT (The Netherlands) & J.-W. VAN DER KAMP (The Netherlands, Finland) Evaluation of methods of analysis for dietary fibre using real foods and model foods (FOCH 12994 PDF 266KB) K. ENGLYST, M. QUIGLEY, H. ENGLYST, B. PARMAR, A. DAMANT, S. ELAHI & P. LAWRANCE (UK) Improvement of the AOAC 2009.01 total dietary fibre method for bread and other high starch containing matrices (FOCH 13310 PDF 496KB) K. BRUNT & P. SANDERS (The Netherlands) Codex dietary fibre definition – Justification for inclusion of carbohydrates from 3 to 9 degrees of polymerisation (FOCH 13752 PDF 211KB) E.W. DE MENEZES, E.B. GIUNTINI, M.C.T. DAN, F.A.H. SARD. & F.M. LAJOLO (Brazil) Dietary fibre fractions in cereal foods measured by a new integrated AOAC method (FOCH 13071 PDF 325KB) J. HOLLMANN, H. THEMEIER, U. NEESE & M.G. LINDHAUER (Germany) Biogenic amines content as a measure of the quality of wines of Abruzzo (Italy) (FOCH 13533 PDF 572KB) M. MARTUSCELLI, G. ARFELLI, A.C. MANETTA & G. SUZZI (Italy) Laboratory performance on analysis of mandatory nutrients and preparation of nutrition labelling (FOCH 13470 PDF 589KB) K. JUDPRASONG, P. PUWASTIEN, J. BOONPOR & N. PINPRAPAI (Thailand) Total nitrogen vs. amino-acid profile as indicator of protein content of beef (FOCH 12997 PDF 222KB) N.G. HALL & H.C. SCH.NFELDT (South Africa)

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