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Search for publications on quality assessment (incl. grey literature)

EuroFIR is working on a 3-year EFSA project to produce an Open Access FCDB for 16 European countries. We are doing a literature search to identify any publications on quality assessment including grey literature and would be grateful if you can send us any information to [email protected].

Webinar: "Storytelling as a communication tool"

Sharing a story can help engage individuals, not least because we all enjoy a story. During this workshop, participants learnt about the power of storytelling as a communication approach, particularly what makes a good story and how it can best be delivered...read more

Webinar: " Toolsets for Mining the gut Microbiome to Enable Precision Nutrition”

Disruptions in the ecological balance of the gut microbiota are associated with health problems and our gut microbiome is unique even identical twins. So, how do we measure these associations and manage responses to diet or prebiotic and probiotic interventions? This webinar...read more

Webinar: "Diet-genome Interactions: Bringing us a Step Closer Towards Personalised Nutrition”

Diet has a crucial role in cardio-metabolic health, but metabolic responses to diet are highly individualised. One route to tackle the continued rise in obesity and associated health consequences is personalised nutrition. However...read more

2nd International DISH Cluster Workshop

Unsafe food is associated with around 23 million cases of illness and 5000 premature deaths in Europe every year. Additionally, non-communicable...read more

Webinar: “Nutrition and cognitive development in children”

The food we eat influences functioning of the brain and, perhaps more importantly, development of the child’s brain. However, there is also a key link between brain development and the gut microbiome. Microbes...read more

EFF Event “Implementing the EU legislation on deforestation: the way forward”

On 17th November 2021, the European Commission (EC) published a legislative proposal for a regulation on deforestation-free products...read more

EITFood Annual Event 2022

The current geopolitical situation is impacting Europe’s food system and the interdependencies between food systems, the environment, and socio-economic status. Many new projects aimed at improving...read more

EU Bioeconomy Conference 2022

Bioeconomy is one in which basic building blocks for materials, chemicals, and energy are derived from renewable biological resources. It has a central role in a more sustainable economic model for the European Union and investments...read more

European Research and Innovation Days 2022

This year’s European Research and Innovation Days gave participants the opportunity to discuss how EU research and innovation can help build the world we want to live in. Young researchers...read more

Waste not, Want not!

Dr Chang presented results from EUFIC’s ‘Waste not, Want not!” campaign. “A science-based hack a day keeps food waste away: 30-day journey to reduce food waste at home” aimed to raise awareness about the impacts of food waste, especially at the household level...read more

Release of the New Zealand Food Composition Table

The 2021 updates of New Zealand Food Composition Database (NZFCD) products were released on the website www.foodcomposition.co.nz on 31 March 2022...read more

Release of the 1st Kyrgyz Food Composition Table

This year Kyrgyzstan has released first Kyrgyzstan´s Food Composition Tables. This publication includes 41 foods and their basic components, such as water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and ash...read more

Release of the 7th edition of the Belgian food composition table!

This 7th edition has been expanded with new products in different food groups such as vegetarian nutrition and sports nutrition. The increased motivation to exercise has increased the interest in this food group, which makes correct information even more important...read more

Give kids a break! What next for EU action to protect children from harmful food marketing?

Hosted by the Green political group at the European Parliament and organised by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)...read more

Food Future Ideas Fest by Food Drink Europe

FoodDrinkEurope  celebrated its 40 years as an industry representative! To celebrate, they organised the #FoodFuture Ideas Fest, an amazing event in the gardens of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels...read more

EuroHealthNet Annual Seminar 2022:

Growing strong in times of crisis – Investing in wellbeing and health equity for young and old...read more

Mirjana Gurinovic (RS), member of the European Commission (EC) high level expert group (HLEG) on strengthening food systems science policy interfaces

The European Commission (EC) has established a high-level expert group (HLEG) to assess needs and options for strengthening the science policy interface (SPI) for improved food systems governance...read more

Free online webinar: Calorie campaign information in the UK

Date: 2nd February 2022 (11am GMT - 12am CET) 

From April 6th 2022, businesses with more than 250 employees in the out-of-home-sector have to comply with the new Calorie Labelling legislation in the UK. In this live session, our experts will share practical advice on:

  • How to create compliant menus and ensure your data is correct
  • Who is responsible at each stage of the food supply chain
  • Any calorie labelling related questions you have!


  1. Dr. Siân Astley,  Senior Researcher and Communications Manager at the European Food Information Resource  AISBL (BE)
  2. Frankie Douglas, Head of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Nutritics
  3. Clare Stead, Business Development Director UK & IRE at Nutritics