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Free online webinar: Calorie campaign information in the UK

Date: 2nd February 2022 (11am GMT - 12am CET) 

From April 6th 2022, businesses with more than 250 employees in the out-of-home-sector have to comply with the new Calorie Labelling legislation in the UK. With less than three months to go, Nutritics, founders of the UK Food Labelling Resource, is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, February 2nd 2022 at 11am on steps to take to ensure your business is compliant. This 45 minute event is live, and free to attend, with Q&A from our expert panel.

In this live session, our experts will share practical advice on

  • How to create compliant menus and ensure your data is correct
  • Who is responsible at each stage of the food supply chain
  • Any calorie labelling related questions you have!


  1. Dr. Siân Astley,  Senior Researcher and Communications Manager at the European Food Information Resource  AISBL (BE)
  2. Frankie Douglas, Head of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Nutritics
  3. Clare Stead, Business Development Director UK & IRE at Nutritics

A 30-minute live Q&A at the end will provide the opportunity to get practical tips and expert advice for your business.

Interested? Register HERE