Top Stories in 2014

2014-10-15 First IMEKOFOODS Conference: EuroFIR AISBL's presentation

The first IMEKOFOODS conference, entitled “Metrology Promoting Objective and Measurable Food Quality and Safety” took place in Rome (Italy) on 12-15th October 2014 ... read more

2014-10-14 Proposal for a Regulation on Novel Food

This proposal aims to ensure food safety, to protect public health and secure the functioning of the internal market for food, while supporting innovation for the food sector ... read more

2014-09-25 The Composition of Foods, 7th edition

McCance and Widdowson's The Composition of Foods Seventh Summary Edition provides authoritative and comprehensive nutrient data for over 1,200 of the most commonly consumed foods in the UK ... read more

2014-05-15 New FAO Improving Diets and Nutrition report

The FAO published a new report "Improving Diets and raising levels of nutrition – Food Based approaches"... read more

2014-03-26 8th Introduction to ePlantLIBRA

EuroFIR co-organised with the Institute of Food Research (IFR, UK) a workshop introducing ePlantLIBRA... read more