2016 Top Stories

2016-10-14 REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest launched!
The REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest wants to bring much-deserved recognition to these ideas and encourage their spread. Anyone from Europe that has developed a food waste innovation - including individuals, organisations, start-ups and large companies – is encouraged to submit a video or visual essay about their project. The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2016...read the press release here and the contest participant package here

2016-08-19 EU-project REDICLAIM needs your opinion on the food value chain and on the EU health claim legislation
The REDICLAIM project is studying the impact of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 on interest to apply and use health claims and especially how the legislation has influenced innovation and research activities. They are gathering responses from all stakeholders to get a wide view of opinions on the topic and would appreciate your participation in the study...read more here

2016-06-13: New Press article: "Traffic light nutrition labelling – interview with Dr Matt Cole", in New Food Magazine Read more here

2016-06-07: New project! Food History by Papila needs your help!
What is the Food History project? What is in the book? Who is this book for? Who is Papila?   Read more here 

2016-06-03 Press article: European leaders call for ‘immediate’ open access to all scientific papers by 2020... Read more here

2016-05-18 RICHFIELDS: Exploring big data for understanding consumer food habits & health
RICHFIELDS aims to design a consumer data platform, to collect and connect, compare and share information about food behaviours, to revolutionise research on every-day choices made across Europe. Bringing together science, industry and technology, RICHFIELDS will utilise previously underexploited “big data” to assess the potential to link and share information generated by us daily (e.g. apps, sensors), as well as by business (e.g. retail and manufactures) and research (e.g. medical, sales, surveillance data)...read more here

2016-05-13 Resolution adopted on mandatory indication of the country of origin or place of provenance for certain foods
MEPs voted a new resolution introducing mandatory indication of the country of origin or place of provenance for certain foods, at the plenary session on Thursday 12th. Mandatory indication will help maintain consumer confidence in food products by making the food supply chain more transparent... Read the resolution here

2016-03-15 Food Contact Materials Workshop at the European Parliament 
The European Parliament Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) hosted a workshop on “Food Contact Materials – How to ensure food safety and technological innovation in the future?” on Tuesday, 26 January 2016. The workshop featured eight keynote presentations delivered by speakers hailing from academia, NGOs, industry, and Commission services, offering a variety of perspectives on topics relating to food contact materials...read the workshop report here

2016-03-09 Report of the European Commission regarding trans fats in foods and in the overall diet of the Union population
The European Commission published a report  on "the presence of trans fats in foods and in the overall diet of the Union population". The aim of the report is to assess the impact of appropriate means that could enable consumers to make healthier food and overall dietary choices or that could promote the provision of healthier food options to consumers, including, among others, the provision of information on trans fats to consumers or restrictions on their use...read the report here

2016-02-25 AGRI Committee: Achievements of the Expo Milan 2015
The European Parliament Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) Committee have released three publications on the achievements of the Expo Milan 2015. They include a report from Commissioner Phil Hogan on Food and nutrition security: what should the EU do?, a report from David Wilkinson on EU participation in Expo Milano 2015 and Recommendations from the Expo 2015 EU Scientific Steering Committee. All three can be found here ... read more

2016-02-25 [email protected]: From obesity to malnutrition – the global outlook
[email protected] held a session on obesity and malnutrtion which focused on developments and challenges facing nutrition experts and options for addressing threats to the food supply and health. The session included several presentations on: metabolic programming, novel foods and the gut microbiome, all of which have now been published online ... read more

2016-02-24 European Parliament: Food Safety situation in Ireland
The study outlines the Irish food and drink industry, the structure and organisation of the food safety and control system involved in food safety in Ireland and a description of current food safety issues in Ireland. An overview of the structure and competencies of the European Food and Veterinary Office is provided. This study was prepared for Policy Department A at the request of the Environmental, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee ... read more

2016-02-08 European Commissioner Moedas: Next steps towards a Food Research Area
The Commission services are working to develop a draft strategy which will aim to build policy coherence in Research and Innovation (R&I) on Food and Nutrition Security, will propose a number of actions, not only to support R&I, but also to foster policy alignment, skills development and capacity building, data sharing , boost R&I investments, etc. which will be launched next October, in view of World Food Day 2016 ... read more

2016-01-28 [email protected]: How best to unlock the treasure trove of data?
[email protected] held a session on data which included several presentations on: Strengthening open science in Europe, Opening up EU public sector data, Visualising data, Making data discoverable, EMA: opening clinical trial data, Making data available to customers and Joint efforts to open up data, all of which have now been published online... read more

2016-01-25 EFSA: Updated claims guidance ‘will benefit consumers and applicants’ 
EFSA has updated its advice for applicants seeking approval of health claims made on food products. As well as revising the general scientific guidance – which applies to health claims across the board – the Authority has updated its specific guidance for claims related to the immune system and the gastro-intestinal tract ... read more

2016-01-13 Results of the Bioeconomy Observatory Survey 
On 13 February 2012, the European Commission published a Communication "Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe" (COM(2012)60). The Communication presented a Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan which includes as Action No 6 to "Establish a Bioeconomy Observatory that allows the Commission to regularly assess the progress and impact of the bioeconomy ... read more

2016-01-07 H2020: the EC to reject 80% applicants on 10-page proposal 
Future calls for EU funding will see 80 per cent of applications rejected at the first stage, following the roll out of a two-step process across Horizon 2020, the director-general of research has said. ... read more