2018 Top Stories

2018-11-29  NUTRIMAD 2018 Congress (IV World Congress of Public Health Nutrition and XII Congress of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition)

The NUTRIMAD 2018 Congress was a success, organized in Madrid between the 24th and the 27th of November, with almost 500 attendees and over 120 lectures, symposiums, roundtables, etc., during four days, including physicians, nurses, dietitians, journalists, researchers, health professionals, chefs, educators, and  representatives of the food industry and public administration . Read more here!

2018-11-19 Symposium: Food composition in the Mediterranean, harmonisation & networking

On Saturday 27th October, EuroFIR organised a Symposium on Food composition in the Mediterranean: harmonisation and networking. The Symposium took place during NUTRIMAD Congress, the IV World Congress of Public Health Nutrition and XII Congreso Sociedad Española de Nutrición Comunitaria (SENC) and was chaired by Maria Kapsokefalou (AUA, GR) . Read more here!

2018-10-29 Global Challenge Research fund workshops

In 2018, EuroFIR AISBL, has in cooperation with Quadram Bioscience Institute (UK), organised workshops to support cutting-edge research that addresses the challenges faced by developing countries. Read more here!


2018-08-25 Conference: Ocean microplastics issue and bio-based plastics solution

EuroFIR AISBL attended this conference on Ocean Microplastics issue and bio-based plastics solution organised by AQUIMER on 27th June 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. Read more here!

2018-08-21 INnovating the JOY of Eating for Healthy Aging (INJOY) Summer School

Angelika Mantur-Vierendeel participated in a 10-day summer school during June, organised by the University of Barcelona (ES) and EIT Health. The course was designed to help entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs (in-house innovation managers), and researchers develop novel business solutions empowering citizens to adopt eating behaviours that support healthy ageing. Read more here!


2018-07-02 ePlantLIBRA Webinar

ePlantLIBRA; a unique resource on plant food supplements for food and nutrition researchers, health professionals, health educators, the food industry and policy-makers. A webinar was organised to learn more about ePlantLIBRA with a walk through its contents followed by discussion on how to use the database for regulatory purposes and other applications. Watch the webinar here!

2018-06-28  EURASTiP Exchange Programme

Maximise existing and new collaborations and strategic partnerships between Europe and south-east Asia in the aquaculture sector with the EURASTiP Exchange Programme. Opportunities are available for industry, researchers and educators from both regions to connect and gain new perspectives while sharing innovative ideas to help develop long term partnerships. Bursaries of up to €3000 are available per exchange (subject to eligibility criteria) to support international innovation and collaboration. Read more HERE

2018-06-27  Survey  for EU-funded project FIT4FOOD

The European research project FIT4FOOD2030 (follow link for more information) aims to set the European food system’s course for the future. In line with the Food2030 strategy of the European Commission, the project investigates the current trends, cases (from which best cases will be identified) and potential breakthroughs in research and innovation that can successfully provide accessible, healthy and sustainable food and diets for all. Your contribution to this survey will be very welcome and well-used, since the outcomes of this questionnaire will feed stakeholder meetings with people that are part of the European food system. These stakeholder meetings will be used as base to inform policy decisions by the European Commission on how to invest in research and innovation for a future-proof European food system. Participate to the survey here.

2018-06-13  N8 AgriFood Conference (Liverpool, UK)

At the N8 AgriFood Conference (Liverpool, UK), Dr Siân Astley represented EuroFIR AISBL for the two-day event. Siân presented poster for each of the following projects: NASCENT, REFRESH, and SEAFOODTOMMORROW (see below). The REFRESH poster drew particularly attention across the two days. There were 270 attendees, and much networking across two full days of fascinating sessions, poster viewings, drinks and dinner. The conference brought together many different disciplines to discuss food systems with the hope that new collaborations across academia, industry and other stakeholders will begin to address some of the topics discussed. Read more here.

2018-06-06  Barilla Centre for Food and Nutrition (BCFN): International Forum on Food & Nutrition (Brussels, BE)

This Forum was held in the SQUARE (Brussels, BE) and focused on the Mediterranean Region and Migration. Noteworthy speakers included Gerba Verburg (Assistant Secretary General at the UN and Coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement), Phil Hogan (European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development), and Leo Abruzzese (Global Director of Public Policy, The Economist Intelligence Unit) amongst many others. Read more HERE

2018-06-05 EuroHealthNet event: Smart Investments? Let’s talk prevention (Brussels, BE)

Hosted by the Permanent Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany to the European Union (Brussels, BE), this event sought to discuss practical opportunities for funding healthcare prevention in Europe. Most speakers were from Member State governments and inter-governmental institutions, such as WHO, OECD, and the EU. Thomas Kergall (Council of Europe Development Bank) highlighted that most funding is for infrastructure projects, but more funding for projects reaching out to vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, is being sought. Read more here.

2018-06-05 STOA workshop: EIT’s role in strengthening EU innovation (Brussels, BE)

Held in the European Parliament (Brussels, BE), this workshop focused on current work and future goals of the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) in strengthening innovation across Europe. Speakers included three MEPs on the STOA Panel, Eva Kaili (S&D, EL), Paul Rubig (EPP, AT), and Christian Ehler (EPP, DE), Tibor Navracsics (European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport – responsible for EIT), Martin Kern (Acting Director of EIT), and Jean-David Malo (Director of Open Innovation and Open Science, EC, DG RTD). Read more here.

2018-05-18 The European Parliament and Brexit: what it means for the food sector

The European Parliament Liaison Office in London (UK) hosted an expert panel to discuss the impact BREXIT will have on the UK food sector and consider the future of the agri-food sector and its relationship with the EU. The panel was composed of experts from across the UK food chain including farmers (Nick van Westenholz, National Farmers’ Union), food manufacturers (Helen Munday, Food Drink Federation), consumer groups (Sue Davies, Which?), academics (Prof. Erik Millstone, Sussex University) and politicians (Julie Girling MEP), and much of the discussion was focussed on trade, food safety and consumers, highlighting the relationships amongst these actors... Read more here

2018-04-03 EU Food Integrity: survey with insights from industry stakeholders

The EU-funded project Food Integrity launches a study on the feasibility of a food integrity information sharing system (FIISS) where information of different actors of the food supply chain could be gathered. The survey is open to different stakeholders (industry, policy makers, authorities, researchers) about their opinion in the results. Complete the survey here.

 2018-03-21 SEAFOODTOMORROW: Questionnaire to identify educational needs in the seafood sector

The EU funded project SEAFOODTOMORROW developed an online questionnaire to identify educational needs in the seafood sector. This will help project partners developing the elearning tool within the project.

The survey is now closed.

2017-10-20 REFRESH: Researchers & industry representatives sought for Food Waste Compositional Database Testing

An online database, FoodWasteExplorer, has been developed to aid identification of market opportunities and better waste utilisation. It contains compositional data for agri-food waste streams. Representatives from the food industry, researchers, independent consultants, and animal nutritional experts are sought to help evaluate FoodWasteExplorer prior to wider release. Usability of the tool will be tested by EuroFIR AISBL (BE) and QIB (UK) over the coming months. REFRESH partners and representatives from the food industry, researchers, independent consultants, and animal nutritional experts will help evaluate FoodWasteExplorer and ensure it is fit-for-purpose prior to more widespread release closed