Quadram Institute Bioscience (UK) is coordinating PERSFO, providing project management, reporting to EIT Food and evaluating performance overall, based on previous involvement and management of projects supporting delivery of personalised nutrition (QuaLiFY, Quisper). QIB is also providing scientific and research expertise to aid development of the PERSFO app/platform and the intervention study, and is contributing to both the dissemination and business development task. With EuroFIR, QIB will facilitate links to Quisper Services for the development of the PERSFO app/platform.

The HCI group at KU Leuven (BE) study how people interact with information to improve users’ experience and compliance with recommendations. HCI KU Leuven are providing scientifically validated knowledge underpinning the design and development of the PERSFO app/platform, particularly on design of the recommender system, which will generate personalised dietary recommendations based on knowledge and understanding of food choices, behavioural motivation, visualisation techniques, artificial intelligence, and gamification. HCI KU Leuven will also be responsible for the living lab exploring the successful of PERSO with users in the workplace.

Sodexo (BE) is a food service provider specialising in personalised food menus in the workplace using their meal planning API (application programming interface – a set of functions and procedures allowing apps to interact with operating system and other service). Their applications will link to the PERSFO recommender to delivery personalised dietary advice in the workplace. Sodexo is providing the infrastructure to perform the PERSFO intervention study in Belgium. Both the meal planning API and the access to workplace locations are vital to the success of PERSFO.

shiftN (BE) is leading the PERSFO business development task and is responsible for commercialisation of PERSFO, building experience from research projects such as Food4Me and QuaLiFY, and Quisper ASBL, as well as supporting stakeholder engagement. Importantly, shiftN is also coordinating links with Quisper ASBL/ Quisper Server Platform, which is supplying knowledge rules and data underpinning the dietary advice generated by the PERSFO recommender for users, based on menus options available in their workplace.

Alberts (BE) is a supplier of vending machines and developed the Alberts Smoothie & Soup Station, selling personalised food (freshly made, tailored smoothies or soups). They has a strong focus on digital connectivity and their software team is integrating tools to develop the PERSFO app/ platform. Alberts will also organise and implement PERSFO services and provide the real-time testing for the intervention study in other locations, in parallel with Sodexo canteens.

EuroFIR AISBL is leading Dissemination, communication and engagement activities, drawing on experience for other EU- and EIT Food-funded projects. We are also contributing to Business development, models and roadmap, based on understanding from Quisper EIT Food (2018-2019)/ Quisper ASBL and EuroFIR, which arose from an EU-funded Network of Excellent. Also, EuroFIR is facilitating links with the Quisper Server Platform, from which data, knowledge and tools utilised by the PERSFO app will be drawn.

Personalized and connected food service providers (PERSFO, Project ID 20291) has received funding from EIT Food, the innovation community on Food of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the EU, under Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.