2021-11-22 PERSFO blog: From Customization to Personalization (and Beyond)

What if you never got stuck on thinking about what to eat? What if someone else presented you day after day with the exact meal you did not even know you were craving? Alberts is on a mission to make a healthy life the easiest option. How do they do that? By making healthy eating effortless… read more

2021-11-10 PERSFO blog: 3 ways COVID has shaped the world of personalised nutrition startups

The further we move away from the early days of the pandemic, the clearer we see its long-term effects. As a market insights leader in the personalised nutrition & digital health space, Qina has witnessed how the impact of Covid-19 has rocked every corner of the estimated $8 billion industry … read more

2021-10-13 PERSFO: A slow start entering workplace restaurants (Press Release)

After 2020, like many others, PERSFO had high hopes that 2021 would be easier and activities might be carried out as planned. However, patience and flexibility are needed in food research at the best of times … read more

2021-10-13 PERSFO: A slow start entering workplace restaurants (Press Release)

After 2020, like many others, PERSFO had high hopes that 2021 would be easier and activities might be carried out as planned. However, patience and flexibility are needed in food research at the best of times … read more

2021-09-01 Qina joins PERSFO

Mariette Abrahams PhD MBA, CEO & Founder of Qina, the first personalised nutrition platform that analyses trends, innovations, research, and consumer behaviour to help companies navigate the future of nutrition and health, has joined PERSFO to help develop business planning post-project and support dissemination. With more than 20 years experience spanning public and private sector, and most recently providing consultancy services to startups and SMEs in the personalised nutrition industry, we are pleased to welcome Mariette, who will provide strategic advice and market insight as well as domain expertise for development of new products like PERSFO.

2021-06-25 IV Innovation Forum from CLC South Bilbao Food 4 Future World Summit

As part of the IV Innovation Forum, CLC South, with the Bilbao Food 4 Future World Summit, four EIT Food innovation projects were showcased on 16th June 2021 including PERSFO – watch the video here

2021-02-23 Shaping the future of personalised nutrition 

This event focused on the development of online platforms including Qusiper and PERSFO that aim to help provide deliver validated personalised nutrition advice for consumers. The presentation was given by Daniela Segovia Lizano’s (QIB – UK).

Click here for more information

2020-12-18 Eating healthily in the workplace during a pandemic:
Research carries on (Press Release)

Many of us struggle to achieve healthy eating goals at work. PERFSO, an EIT Food-funded project, wants to bridge the gap between good intentions and reality at work … read more

If you would like to learn more about PERSFO and our activities this year, contact Dr Siân Astley

2020-12-17 PERSFO End-of-Year 1

Despite a global pandemic, PERSFO has continued to work and meet-up, albeit online. Here are some images from the kick-off (23.01.2020 – wow! back when we had no idea how the year would pan [sorry] out), and several online consortium meetings (24.03, 10.06, 21.09 and 10.12.2020). If PERSFO has shown anything, it is that scientists and science is far more agile in our responses than we might have imagined, and we hope this project will be funded for a second year …

2020-12-02 PERSFO at ICHI 2020

Robin De Croon presented a poster ‘Motivational design techniques to support healthy eating habits at work‘ at ICHI (02.12.2020). This exploratory study provides a deeper understanding of employees when they are asked to use a personalised meal recommendation application in the workplace … read more

You can also explore the designs here and you watch the presentation here.

2020-11-12 PERSFO at 34th EFFoST Conference

Food & Health Digitalisation, a session considering outputs from several EU- and otherwise-funded projects including PERSFO, which reflect a drive to make existing and emerging food, diet and health resources more readily findable, accessible and reusable to deliver tools for citizens … read more

2020-11-10 PERSFO at World Food Innovate

From food robotics to AI in five years to make a healthy life the easiest option
Glenn Mathijssen, Co-Founder & Co-CEO Alberts, presented Vending 2.0 solutions and PERSFO at World Food Innovate Virtual 2020 … read more

2020-11-05 PERSFO at the EIT Food III Innovation Forum!

The III EIT Food Innovation Forum took place on 5-6th November to explore questions around affordable targeted nutrition and other topics related to the agri-food system with insights from experts around the globe sharing advances and trends including PERSFO.

Enjoy our video narrated by dr. ir. Glenn Mathijssen, Alberts co-founder (click the image – right)

PERSFO: Jo Goossens (1955-2020)

PERSFO offers our most sincere condolences to the friends, family and colleagues of Jo Goossens, following the announcement of his death. Jo was a much-valued colleague and his efforts to make PERSFO a success will be much missed. RIP

2020-10-02 Virtually Business as Usual!

At the beginning of the year, we started work on PERSFO (Personalized and Connected Food Service Providers), an EIT Food Innovation Activity aiming to help consumers eat more healthily at work. There are hundreds of apps that aim to encourage healthy eating, but PERSFO is being built with a food service provider and will include real-time daily menus, giving users specific information about their food choices in the workplace … read more

2020-09-16 PERSFO at Vitafoods Virtual 2020

Jo Goossens (shiftN, BE) participated in the ‘Personalised Nutrition: Innovation through science and technology’ session, presenting the technology that underpins PERSFO and exploring how the rise of new technologies have been adopted by start-ups enabling consumers to address their nutritional needs … read more


2020-09-18 PERSFO Update …

Personalized and connected food service providers (PERSFO, Project ID20291) started officially in January 2020 with funding from EIT Food. This project brings together a group of beneficiaries with expertise in personalised nutrition, artificial intelligence, catering services, consumer behaviour, and business development … read more

Personalized and connected food service providers (PERSFO, Project ID 20291) has received funding from EIT Food, the innovation community on Food of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the EU, under Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.