Webinar: ” Toolsets for Mining the gut Microbiome to Enable Precision Nutrition”

18th October 2022


Disruptions in the ecological balance of the gut microbiota are associated with health problems and our gut microbiome is unique even identical twins. So, how do we measure these associations and manage responses to diet or prebiotic and probiotic interventions? This webinar provided an overview of some computational and experimental tools that can be used in microbiota-mediated nutrition.

Fecal samples offer only a snapshot of gut microbiome ecosystems. In healthy individuals, development of these ecosystems is related to transit time. Not all healthy individuals have eubiotic microbiota (healthy) and not everyone with health problems has dysbiotic microbiota (unhealthy); patterns associated with unhealthy microbiota are very common in many diseases, but not always characteristic.

Dietary interventions can trigger dysbiosis, but diets can also be designed to restore and maintain a eubiotic ecosystem. Many of the tools we need to build specific, targeted, precision interventions -when and where they are needed- already exist. Also, dietary, prebiotic, and probiotic interventions are low risk, so wider use could be beneficial, although efficacy in different scenarios is still not established conclusively. Smaller, targeted human intervention trials are needed identify precision interventions and we need rigorous standards and benchmarks for quantitatively these.

We also need to build capacity in the scientific and clinical workforces to build models, run trials, and translate bioinformatic outcomes to underpin public health advice.

The webinar was organized by ILSI Europe as a part of webinar series on personalised nutrition.

Chair: Gabriele Gross – Head of Emerging Sciences, R&D Science Platforms Nutrition · Mead Johnson Nutrition / Reckitt (NL)


Quantitative microbiome profiling and community type analyses in health and disease, Gwen Falony – KU Leuven (BE)

Microbiome: a piece of the personalized nutrition puzzle, Emily Leeming – King’s College London (UK)

Leveraging the Gut Microbiota to Predict Personalized Responses to Dietary, Prebiotic, and Probiotic Interventions, Sean Gibbons – Institute for Systems Biology (US)

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