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2021-12-15: We need your input! Do you use branded food composition databases? Would you use one if they were more available? We would like to know more!

Previously, we have previously asked about your use of branded food composition databases. Following on from discussions at the EuroFIR Food Forum, we are revisiting needs and barriers as well as efforts to collect these datasets, open access publication, and sustainability.

Please help us by completing our online questionnaire here

Feel free to share the link with colleagues, because we would like to hear from them too! If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us:
[email protected].

2021-12-15: Towards a childhood free from unhealthy food marketing

Up to 30% of under 16s are overweight or obese in Spain, Italy, Malta, Poland, Rumania, and Czech Republic, leading to greater focus on unhealthy food marketing targeted at children. Against this background, the European Public Health Alliance gathered experts in their field to explore the influence of food marketing on decisions around food choices…read more

2021-12-15: Consumers come first

Since the European Commission launched the European Green Deal, our food systems have been under greater scrutiny, especially regarding sustainability, affordability, and better understanding by consumers. SAFE organised this conference to analyse these challenges…read more

2021-12-15: Nutriscore: a high-level dialogue between science, citizens & operators.

This event, organised by Eat Europe and Farm Europe  brought together actors from different backgrounds to analyse front-of-package labelling, specifically NutriScore…read more

2021-09-22: Cancer Research Works: Improving Cancer Patient’s Survival Worldwide

To mark World Cancer Research Day (22nd September 2021), the Steering Committee, under the Presidency of Her Majesty Queen Letizia of Spain, organised an international meeting to discuss the importance of supporting cancer research to accelerate progress against cancer and the transfer of research discoveries to improve cancer survival worldwide…read more

2021-09-17: Workshop on e-Health

The Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) conduct technology assessment and scientific foresight projects and organises events, the last of which was e-health. Panellists considered the necessity of undertaking digitalization of health within the EU…read more

2021-07-28: Protein calculation workshop 

On Wednesday 7th July 2021, EuroFIR held an online workshop on Protein calculation. The meeting was co-chaired by Paul Finglas (EuroFIR AISBL) and Hettie Schonfeldt (University of Pretoria, ZA)…read more

2021-05-17: WholEUGrain

WholEUGrain is a EU-funded project launched in November 2019 with Beneficiaries from four countries (DK, RO, SI, and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The aim of the project is to facilitate and gain experience of the Danish best practice model for whole grain partnerships in other countries…read more

2021-05-20: Unleashing the power of law to promote better health for all

The value of legal intervention, and its inherent potential in stimulating progressive change for public health, is considerable and laws are expected to contribute to solutions to the most pressing global health challenges..read more

2021-05-26: Discovering FAIR Cookbook

FAIR Cookbook is a deliverable of FAIRplus (Grant Agreement No. 802750), funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Programme, a private-public partnership that receives support from European Union’s Horizon 2020 and EFPIA companies….read more

2021-05-26:Best Practices for Effective Allergens Management

As part of the numerous events organised for the World Allergy Week, SGS hosted a webinar exploring key elements and best practices for developing effective allergens management programmes…read more

2021-02-08: Data needed for nutritionists, dietitians, and gastronomes to address influences of expected climate change

From the Health Sciences Faculty, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Turkey…read more

2021 – 02 -04: European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma: recommendations

Around 13.5 million people in the EU live with asthma or allergies. It is estimated that, by 2025, one in two European will be living with an allergy including food allergies. The European Allergy and Asthma Youth Parliament has advanced policy recommendations to the European Parliament…read more 

2021 – 02 -04: International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021

2021 International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV) aims to raise awareness about the role of fruit and vegetables consumption in nutrition, food security, and health…read more

2021 – 02 -04: Death by chocolate: Global political economies of tobacco, alcohol, and junk food

According to recent studies, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are responsible for 60% of premature deaths in Europe, with cancer and heart attacks the leading causes…read more

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