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  FoodBasket - Simple recipe calculator


About FoodBasket


The EuroFIR FoodBasket facility is an innovative interface, which can be accessed online and allows its users a create recipes, calculate the nutritive values searching on standardized and specialized food composition databases (FCDB). Users have access to a wide range of European data, foods and nutrients through harmonized data description and associated nutrient value information.

FoodBasket was developed for you by Agi Kadvan, Barbara Koroušić Seljak, Heikki Pakkala, Gregor Fras, Kolektiv (

 The developers would like to thank Simone Bell, Susanne Westenbrink, Mark Roe ,  for their very important contribution.

FoodBasket development was based on the experiences with the EuroFIR eSearch facility prototype which was implemented by Danish Food Information and Polytec. Special thanks for Anders Møller and Erik Nørby.

This work was completed in collaboration with EuroFIR-Nexus — The EuroFIR Food Platform: Further integration, refinement and Exploitation for its long-term self-sustain-ability. Funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme. Grant agreement no: 265967.


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