BACCHUS e-Learning

Welcome to the BACCHUS e-learning platform

Aims of the e-learning:

  • Provide internal guidance for the development of successful health claims dossiers;
  • Ensure training and facilitate Knowledge Exchange in order to allow the easy adoption of the developed technologies and best-practice procedures for substantiation of health claims.

This course includes four main sections:

  1. Toolkit: This section presents EFSA’s decision-making process concerning health claims. It includes a description of the application process and useful tools.
  2. Testimonials of companies: examples of successful and unsuccessful applications highlighting the success factors and causes of failure of heath claims.
  3. Case studies: you will analyse given health claims
  4. Additional resources

Check out the Glossary for an explanation of key terms.

Introduction to health claims:

Why nutrition and health claims regulations?

Interview with Professor Judith Buttriss (Director General, British Nutrition Foundation, UK)


Health claims context and presentation of BACCHUS
Paul Finglas (Institute of Food Research, UK)