Poster competition 2019

 The competition was open to any original scientific considering exploitation of food information, commercial or research. Congratulations to Romane Poinsot (MS Nutrition), Hannah Pinchen (QIB) and Rachel Barrat (MRC)!

Posters presented:

  • Progress in the REFRESH Food Waste Compositional Database FoodWasteExplorer (Main author: Hannah Pinchen, QIB, UK) - DOWNLOAD
  • Representative nutrient analysis of spelt and rye flours for the German Nutrient Database (Main author: Larissa Pferdmenges, MRI, DE) - DOWNLOAD
  • A web- application to reformulate recipe through optmization: proof of concept (Main author: Romane Poinsot, MS Nutrition, FR) - DOWNLOAD
  • Development of a protocol based on linear programming to assess the amount of free sugars in processed foods in France (Main author: Romane Poinsot, MS Nutrition, FR) - DOWNLOAD
  • The rationalisation of UK NDNS (National Diet and Nutrition Survey) Nutrient Databank¬† during the transition of dietary assessment method in NDNS from paper diet diary to a web-based 24-hour recall (Main author: Rachel Barrat, MRC, UK) - DOWNLOAD
  • Development and sustainability of national food composition databases for use in dietary monitoring and public health nutrition in the eastern mediterranean region (Marisol Warthon-Medina, QIB, UK) - DOWNLOAD