According to one estimate in a sample of people from across the European Union, nearly 20% of us have used a plant food supplement in the past year. Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients or other food substances; plant food supplements (PFS) are supplements with one or more plant-derived substances (botanicals). Though very popular, and often with a long tradition of use, scientific knowledge about PFS and botanicals is still surprisingly limited.

PlantLIBRA has significantly advanced understand in the field of PFS. Some results have been published or otherwise made available to the public. Others, such as ePlantLIBRA, are available to interested parties via EuroFIR AISBL and other associations; ePlantLIBRA provides information about bioactive compounds in PFS and botanicals with putative health benefits and/ or adverse effects.

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PlantLIBRA has completed work funded by the European Commission, and the consortium has made available outputs and activities relevant to policymakers and other stakeholders. This microsite helps you understand what ePlantLIBRA can do for you.

Updates on PlantLIBRA are available on social media via EuroFIR AISBL

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