Policymakers and official bodies

  • You may be interested in accessing ePlantLIBRA as an integrated metadabase containing information about plant- and plant-food supplements globally
  • You may wish to be updated on the activities of PlantLIBRA’s Policy Advisory Board
  • As an official laboratory, may be interested in joining the network of labs or participating in ring-tests
  • As a member of a scientific committee, you may need rapid, standardised systematic reviews of evidence on botanicals
  • As a policymaker, you may need a customised risk assessment on one more botanical(s), plant food supplement(s) or compound(s) in botanicals
  • You may be interested in a science-based assessment of benefits or risks associated with botanicals
  • ePlantLIBRA may be useful to estimate intake of botanical(s) in your country, region or market-sector
  • Finally, information about how consumers understand botanicals may help make decisions on labelling and warning messages or classification(s)