Industry: Other Stakeholders

  • You may be interested in accessing ePlantLIBRA or having a specialist retrieve data on the available evidence on composition, benefits and adverse events related to a botanical used in PFS
  • You may need to analyse complex botanical preparations or be interested in joining a network of labs or in ring-tests
  • We are able to provide rapidly customised and systematic reviews of evidence on botanicals
  • You may need to perform a risk assessment on one more botanical, a plant food supplement or specific compound(s) or have experts review an available assessment
  • You may want to assess potential benefits or evidence gaps, under a variety of standards from tradition to human trials, using the totality of evidence
  • Estimating intake of botanicals or compounds may be necessary for health claim applications or for safety
  • Proving that a health claim or addressing experimentally a classification issue is challenging – ePlantLIBRA can help