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Introduction to the BACCHUS best practice guide for health claims

The best practice guide for health claims was developed as part of the European Union-funded BACCHUS project (Grant Agreement No. 312090).

The main objective of BACCHUS is to develop tools and resources to facilitate the generation of robust and exploitable scientific evidence that can be used to support claims of a cause and effect relationship between consumption of bioactive peptides and polyphenols, and beneficial physiological effects related to cardiovascular health in humans.

This guide was developed to provide information about the European Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims as well as other relevant regulations, and also to provide specific insights into the areas relevant to BACCHUS, specifically health claims on polyphenols, bioactive peptides and cardiovascular health.

This is the second issue of the guide, the first issue having been circulated to just BACCHUS partners. This issue was drafted in spring/ summer 2015, in consultation with BACCHUS partners with the aim to provide an update to the first issue as well as restructuring the guide. Additional information has been added on novel foods regulation, proprietary data and proprietary health claims, and the effect of the regulation on SMEs. In addition, updates are provided for recent health claims opinions on polyphenols and bioactive peptides and developments in related regulations.

The document has also been re-structured, taking on board feedback from BACCHUS SME partners, and is now presented in two parts: Part I contains information that relates to the topic of health claims in general while Part II covers areas that specifically relate to BACCHUS, i.e. claims related to polyphenols, bioactive peptides and cardiovascular disease.

The guide focuses on official regulations and guidance documents from the European Commission (EC) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as well as looking at the outcomes of assessments of relevant claims applications by EFSA and subsequent approval or rejection by the EC. This version of the guide also contains a health claims template, which summarises the information needed for a dossier and is intended to help provide a first step in collating the information required to prepare a health claims dossier.

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