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Best practice guidelines for health claim dossiers

Work package 1 is supporting BACCHUS by providing guidance for the development of successful health claims dossiers. This information is also being shared with stakeholders via e-learning and SME-targeted workshops (WP7).

Specific objectives:

  • Review EFSA opinions on Article 13.1, Article 13.5, and Article 14. Health Claim dossiers to identify the procedures applied and the criteria used in health claim assessment
  • Develop criteria for effectively generating evidence of health benefits, formulate best-practice; procedures, and disseminate the information to WPs concerned with implementing such procedures within the project and without the project via WP6
  • Develop case dossiers with SME partners for review by a Health Claim Advisory Board set up for the purposes of the project
  • Review and assess impact of EC legislation concerned with health claims on foods and how this impacts on food innovation and the ability of SMEs to bring successful products to market

Work package leader: British Nutrition Foundation, UK