• EuroFIR_website_appleAs an international non-profit association, EuroFIR AISBL is your source for best available food information, including all European food composition databases

    • We offer a unique range of standardized food information for individuals or organizations, such as dietitians, researchers, students, industry, software developers, public sector funding bodies, regulators and academia
    • All members will have simultaneous access to a large set of classical and specialized food composition databases as well as to complementary tools/food information (read more)
    • Become a member and be part of an international network of experts and stakeholders (read more)
  • EuroFIR_website_appleEuroFIR AISBL offers a single and unique food information resource to academia, industry, public sector funding bodies and regulators, as well as researchers, dietitians and students, who are all welcome to join the association as a member

    The Association provides its members with:

    • Access to harmonised and documented food information (energy and nutrient values)
    • Use of standardised food composition data in software tools
    • Access to innovative software tools and databases (e.g. critically evaluated data on the content and biological effects of bioactive constituents in plant based foods)
    • E-learning modules and specialised training courses
    • Valuable references and standardised vocabularies for the handling of food information
    • Best practice and innovation support
    • Professional development
    • Networking/representation and the possibility to take part in pre-competitive research and development projects in the food and health field

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    NEW training opportunity:

    EuroFIR AISBL is hosting a workshop that takes individuals through EU-funded project management,
    from contract negotiations to final reporting, explaining the reasons behind many of the activities as
    well the requirements for successful and cost-effective project management. Designed to support those
    responsible for EU-funded projects, the programme puts EU-funding opportunities in context and
    explores the project cycle.

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