List of EuroFIR Databases

Databases available on FoodEXplorer

Below is a list of FCDBs found on FoodEXplorer. Most of these can be found online through their national food database compilers' websites by clicking on the links provided (except those marked with *** which are not publicly available but can be accessed through FoodEXplorer).

FoodEXplorer is regularly updated with new versions of national databases. Following publication of national datasets, additional food classification and documentation may be added to enable searching, meaning that there may be some delay between national publication and update in FoodEXplorer. Please refer to the date and version details provided for each dataset in FoodEXplorer and, if necessary, check national websites for the most recent versions of national FCDBs.

Associated EuroFIR e-book collection

EuroFIR AISBL as publisher and the national compiler organisations as content provider have jointly produced a number of e-books. This collaboration enables to present the tables in both the country’s national language and in English, allowing an easy cross-national use of the tables. The e-books collection is intended to complement existing formats of food composition tables such as printed and online tables but with the added value of being accessible without the need of an Internet connection or of carrying and using large books. Their standardised and best available content is provided in a user-friendly way and can be easily used to build up a personal library on food composition tables, according to the individual need. FCDBs which have an accompanying e-book are denoted with a +++.

Stay tuned for updates to this list coming soon


Available databases

Institution: UVI
Database name: OENWT Österreichische Nährwerttabelle (online)

Institution: Nubel
Database name: NIMS (online)

Institution: NCH
Database name: FCTBL_BG (Food Composition Tables - Bulgaria)

Institution: Government of Canada
Database name: Canadian Nutrient Files (online)

czech_republic_640CZECH REPUBLIC
Institution: Czech Food Composition Database
Database name: Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information & Food Research Institute (online)

Institution: DTU
Database name: Danish Food Composition Databank (online)

Institution: National Institute for Health Development
Database name: Nutridata

Institution: THL
Database name: Fineli (online)

Institution: ANSES
Database name: CIQUAL French food composition table (online)

Institution: HHF
Database name: Composition tables of foods and Greek dishes (online)

Institution: MATIS
Database name: ISGEM (The Icelandic Food Composition Database) (online)

Institution: UCC
Database name: Irish Food Composition Database (online)

Institution: CREA
Database name: Banca Dati di Composizione degli Alimenti (online)

Institution: IEO
Database name: Food Composition Database for Epidemiological Studies in Italy (online)

Institution: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, Japan
Database name: Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan -2015- (Seventh Revised Edition) (Fifth Edition online)

Institution: Food Centre of Food and Veterinary Service
Database name: Latvian National Food Composition Data Base 2009

Institution: NNC
Database name: EuroFIR Food Classification

Institution: RIVM
Database name: NEVO (online)

Institution: The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited and the Ministry of Health (New Zealand)
Database name: New Zealand FOODfiles 2014 (online)

Institution: UiO
Database name: Norwegian Food Composition Tables (online)

Institution: NFNI
Database name: Food Composition Tables (online)

Institution: INSA
Database name: Tabela de Composição dos Alimentos – PortFIR/INSAA (online)

Institution: IMR
Database name: Serbian Food and Nutrition Database (online)

Institution: FRI
Database name: Slovak Food Composition Data Bank (online)

Institution: JSI & Biotechnical faculty Ljubljana
Database name: Slovenian FCDB (online)

Institution: UGR
Database name: Base de Datos Española de Composición de Alimentos – RedBEDCA (online)

Institution: NFA
Database name: NFA Food Composition Database (online)

Institution: FSVO
Database name: Swiss Food Composition Database (online)

Institution: TAGEM
Database name: Turkish Food Composition Database (online)

united_kingdom_640UNITED KINGDOM
Institution: IFR
Database name: McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods integrated dataset (online)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICAunited_states_of_america_640
Institution: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory
Database name: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (online)

These FCDBs can be found online but are not available on FoodEXplorer

Institution: MRI
Database name: German Food Code and Nutrient Data Base (online)

Institution: MedPharm
Database name: Souci-Fachman-Kraut Food Composition and Nutrition Tables - (online)

Institution: Medical School of Crete
Database name: Food Composition Tables of Greek Foods (online)