Pathways towards a fair, inclusive and innovative Data Economy for Sustainable Food Systems

ABOUT Data4Food2030 (Grant Agreement No. 101059473)

Duration: 4 years: 1st September 2022 – 31st August 2026

Coordinators:  Stichting Wageningen Research (NL)

Project Partners: 24 beneficiaries from 12 EU Member States (NL, EI, FR, BE, DE, LU, LV, PL, ES, SI, CZ, FI).

Source of funding: Data4Food2030 is funded through the European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme (HORIZON-CL6-2021-GOVERNANCE-01-18) under Grant Agreement No. 101059473


Data4Food2030 aims to enlarge the knowledge base and insight into the data economy for food systems (DE4FS), establish a system that monitors and evaluates development, performance, and impact of DE4FS on EU policies, identify drivers and barriers, and turn these into opportunities, recommendations and solutions, test solutions and evaluate recommendations using case studies and stakeholder exchange, and provide tools to support policy development and accelerate desired outcomes. Nine case studies will provide real-world examples of DE4FS at micro- and meso-economic levels, promoting data-enabled business models.

Role of EuroFIR AISBL in Data4Food2030

EuroFIR will contribute to WP6 – Communication, outreach and impact maximisation, ensuring information flow amongst beneficiaries and user communities as well as maximising exploitation of outputs.


First press release – English version 

Premier communiqué de presse – version française

Second press release – English version

Deuxième communiqué de presse – version française


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