Quality Information Services and Dietary Advice for Personalized Nutrition in Europe (QUISPER)

ABOUT EIT Food Quisper (Grant no. 18064)

Duration: 1 year from January 2018 to December 2018

Coordinator: Quisper® is led by Paul Finglas at Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB, UK)

Project partners: EIT Food Quisper is a pan-European consortium bringing together seven partners from across Europe, including SMEs, universities, and corporations.

Source of funding: EIT Food Quisper has received funding from EIT Food (ID 18064)

This activity has received funding from EIT Food (www.eitfood.eu), the innovation community on Food of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT, eit.europa.eu), a body of the European Union, under Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


EIT Food Quisper’s mission is to catalyse transformation of the food system and meet effectively global demands of present and future generations by building, managing, and empowering a sustainable and trusted multi-stakeholder community with the consumer at its centre.
Quisper aims to deliver a digital platform, as a basis for personalised nutrition services in Europe, managed through a non-profit organisation. Quisper services are designed for ICT and healthcare providers, societal organisations, government healthcare services, and individuals providing personalised nutrition advice. The work includes: (1) programming a fully-fledged online digital service based on the QuaLiFY prototype (Quisper Server Platform, QSP); (2) further development and integration of the eNutri App for personalised food recommendations; (3) set-up of the operational structure (data management, scientific advisory board, communication and marketing functions, Quisper management and governance structures); and (4) active engagement with potential partners, suppliers and end-users.

Role of EuroFIR AISBL in Quisper

EuroFIR has two roles in EITFood Quisper: (1) providing data (e.g. food composition) and knowledge rules (dietary reference intakes) and (2) with PepsiCo International, delivering dissemination and stakeholder engagement such as leaflets, social media posts, infographics. EuroFIR hosts and manages the project website (formerly QuaLiFY) and the Quisper website and is responsible for uploading new content.

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