Delivering High Quality & Validated Food Composition Data

We are a non-profit international member-based organisation. Our aim is to harmonise and provide access to food composition data and supporting information to underpin food and public health research throughout Europe. EuroFIR AISBL also promotes international cooperation and harmonisation of standards to improve data quality, storage, and access.


EuroFIR AISBL is the only independent food composition data resource in Europe bringing together 36 food composition datasets from 35 countries at a single point of entry. Our mission is to be the only independent broker of validated food composition data and supporting information in Europe and beyond. We strive to facilitate improved data quality, storage, and access, while encouraging wider applications and exploitation of food composition data for both research and commercial purposes.

Who are EuroFIR Members & Clients?

Members include individuals and organisations working in dietetics, food manufacturing and retail, software development, public sector funding, regulation and policy-making, and academia.

  • Organisation Members: Universities & Academia, Research Institutes, SMEs, Food Technology Institutes, Food Safety Organisations, Policy Makers, Commercial Organisations (Food Manufacturers, Food Service Providers, Retailers)
  • Individual Members: Researchers, Dietitians, Clinicians, Patients, Consumers
  • Students

Clients include software developers, researchers, nutrition tracking apps founders.

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