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Scientific Unit


    Siân Astley has worked extensively with individuals and organisations throughout Europe from a variety of disciplines including research, food and biotechnology industries and the media. She is the author of more than 300 popular science articles for magazines and trade publications as well as 25 peer-reviewed papers.

    After 14 years as a bench-scientist, Siân became Communications Manager for NuGO, one of the first FP6 Networks of Excellence, and was the European Communications Manager for the Institute of Food Research in Norwich (UK) until April 2012. She was awarded her Diploma in Science Communication in 2009 (Birkbeck University of London).

    Between 2012 and 2023, Siân was a Senior Researcher and Communications Manager for EuroFIR, responsible for research activities, communications and training within EU- and otherwise-funded research projects, and Secretary to the Association and Quisper ASBL. In April 2023, the General Assembly elected Siân as the first Secretary General for EuroFIR. She is working closely with the previous Managing Director, and now Director of Research Strategy, Paul Finglas, to grow and develop the organisation in response to increased emphasis on FAIR and high-quality (food) data. She is also an Editor for Food Chemistry and Editor-in-Chief for Food Chemistry: Molecular Sciences.


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    Angelika Mantur

    Angelika Mantur-Vierendeel manages EuroFIR membership and commercial activities (benefits, products and services, identification of improved benefits/ tools, recruitment, and marketing). She also contributes to EU- or otherwise-funded research projects, and provides coordination for the Technical Discussion Groups, organising meetings, taking minutes and providing feedback as well as responding to enquiries from food data users.

    Angelika studied Dietetics at the Medical University of Bialystok (PL), where she obtained her Masters (2013). Later on, she completed postgraduate studies in psychology in dietetics, broadening her knowledge and understanding of the connections between psychology and dietetics, mechanisms of dietary choices, motivation and behavioural changes, as well as postgraduate studies in clinical dietetics, refreshing and extending her knowledge of nutritional therapy in various diseases.

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    Mark Roe has more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of research activities related to food, nutrition and health. His experience at the Institute of Food Research (UK, now Quadram Institute Biosciences) included laboratory analysis, human studies, production and management of food composition data, and development and validation of dietary assessment methods.

    Mark joined EuroFIR AISBL in 2018 to provide technical and scientific support, helping to deliver data and tools for Members, and to work on EU-funded projects in which EuroFIR AISBL is a beneficiary. He has also participated in a range of EU-funded research projects that involved production or use of food composition data as well as being an author of more than 60 papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

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    Hana Mušinović offers support for EU- or otherwise-funded projects including data collection and analysis, content for reports and technical (grey literature) documents, and development of tools/

    As a Croatian national, who has lived abroad for the past 13 years, Hana has been involved in several interdisciplinary and international research projects. She graduated with a degree in molecular biology and holds Master’s and a PhD in nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition. Before joining EuroFIR, Hana worked for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on international scientific cooperation and, more recently, as a regulatory and scientific manager in the natural cosmetics sector.






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    Christina is a nutrition scientist, passionate about sustainable food systems and novel food sources. She completed a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics Science. In 2019, she moved to the Netherlands, for an MSc in Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology, during which she completed an internship at the European Space Agency. Working on astronaut nutritional needs, she realised there is a huge potential of efficient food production systems to ameliorate food security and sustainability issues, especially for people in extreme conditions. Currently, she is raising awareness through multiple volunteer projects and her blog, and was recently recognised by the Space Generation Advisory Council as a “European Space Leader”. After her studies, she worked at the Food Safety and Quality Assurance in department of the q-commerce company “Gorillas”, maintaining an affiliation with the consultancy firm “Connectomix”, as Safety and Policy Specialist for novel foods specifically originating by microorganisms. She is very eager to support EuroFIR’s mission by contributing to FISHTRUST, ALLIANCE, WASTELESS, and WATSON- projects that directly address safety, trust, and sustainability issues.

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    Cristina González, is a dedicated dietitian-nutritionist from Jaén, Spain. She has a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Granada, complemented by a Master’s in Research and Advances in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Her master’s thesis explored the relationship between dairy products and the prevention of cardiovascular disease. She is passionate about food and nutrient research, and she looks forward to gaining hand-on experience in food composition, data quality, and a practical dietary and nutritional point-of-view whilst with EuroFIR.

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    Graduated in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the Agricultural University of Athens, her undergraduate thesis focused on the analysis of allergen labeling and allergen-free claims on branded food products. This work paved the way for her current PhD research on expanding the Greek Branded Food Composition Database. Presently, she’s engaged in collecting and analysing approximately 8,000 branded food products in the Greek market with the team of Prof. Maria Kapsokefalou.

    Stephania’s experience also includes administrative work for the Hellenic Dietetic Association, where she actively contributed to nutrition and food science communication through article writing and management of social media campaigns.

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Administrative Unit


    Sidonie started her professional career working in the European Parliament, as a Parliamentary Assistant for a French MEP and worked as a Communications and Advocacy Assistant for a European Platform of Organisations in the field of migration and social affairs. Following completion of her Executive Masters in International Association Management (2019), Sidonie was promoted to Office Manager and now has overall responsibility for the Secretariat, specifically management of all EuroFIR’s EU-funded projects, submission of new proposals, communications activities (e.g. websites, newsletters, and social media) and events. Sidonie also attends meetings at the European Parliament, particularly the ENVI Committee to ensure we are up to date with food-related topics and helps build relationships with key European stakeholders. Sidonie is on maternity leave until 30th April 2020.

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    After graduating in hotel management in 2014, Jérémy worked in the hospitality industry for Starwood Hotels & Resorts in the accounting and finance departments for three years. After a period of travelling, he worked as a manager for the family business specialising in industrial cleaning. He joined EuroFIR in April 2019, as part-time Finance Assistant to support financial management and reporting.

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    Through her studies, Yevheniia has been an active member of local student organisations and organised numerous university educational events. During the third year of studying, Yevheniia participated in Erasmus+ Exchange Programme, and spent one semester at the University of Glasgow (UK), where she developed her international communication skills. She also obtained significant expertise in community management, when she was part of the CEO Club Ukraine Team. After graduation, she decided to continue expanding her project management skills. That is why she is participating in the RIS4Ukraine programme, and EuroFIR hosted her as an intern to support project management. From December 2022 to March 2023, she assisted Sidonie Pauchet in managing EU- and otherwise-funded projects, identify new opportunities to engage organisations, and create new content promoting activities online. She now is Communications and Events Assistant, to support EuroFIR activities and help delivering our Annual Food Forum and other project events.

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