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We offer a comprehensive set of tools and information for anyone interested in food composition data.

Whether you need to find specific information on food products or bioactive compounds or benefit from our know-how, becoming a EuroFIR Member gives you all that, and more.

“Relevant, reliable and up-to-date food composition data are of fundamental importance in nutrition, dietetics and health, but also for other disciplines such as food science, biodiversity, plant breeding, food industry, trade, and food regulation.” – Barbara Burlingame, FAO


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    Protein Calculation

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    Bespoke specialised  members-only training in food composition data compilation

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    Access to a world-wide network of food composition data compilers, food industry, and other stakeholders globally as well as opportunities to participate in R&D projects

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    -Nutritics- cutting-edge software for meal plans and nutritional labelling

    -Events and trainings hosted by EuroFIR and ourpartners

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    Certification for nutrition labelling software, assuring the highest standards in such calculations


    They already trusted us

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    Hylobates Consulting S.r.l (IT)

    Hylobates Consulting S.r.l (IT) is a regulatory and scientific consulting company.

    “Food composition data are important for ensuring compliance of food labels and health and nutrition claims. EuroFIR provides the expertise to use data correctly, as well as access to the datasets, and is a neutral, non-profit forum for ideas and projects around food.”

    -Luca Buchhini, Managing Director.

    Institute for Medical Research (RS)

    Institute for Medical Research (RS) is a scientific organisation involved in food and nutrition research. EuroFIR provides good quality food data from many European and other countries worldwide and has a recipe nutrient calculation tool, all of which are important for good quality dietary intake analysis.

    – Maria Glibetic, Principal Research Fellow.

    Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology and University of Granada (ES)

    In our experience, the work done by EuroFIR has provided us with standards for compiling foods and building a high quality, homogenous and current FCDB, which is linked to other FCDBs. We consider that keeping in contact with EuroFIR and using their guidelines is are essential to achieving our future goals and growth

    Emilio Martínez de Victoria Muñoz, Professor of Physiology.

    National Agricultural and Food Centre (SK)

    National Agricultural and Food Centre – Food Research Institute (SK)  is responsible for providing food composition data in Slovakia.

    High quality, reliable and traceable food composition data are the alpha-and-omega for food composition work, and data provided by EuroFIR meets these criteria. Data availability helps us to check our food composition data and calculate recipes.

    – Anna Giertlova, researcher.