Discussion Groups

Following a review of the EuroFIR Discussion Groups (DGs), we intended to streamline operations and widen the range of topics and participation.

Currently, there are five DGs (Documentation, Laboratory Analysis, Branded Foods, Recipe Calculation, and the FoodCASE). These topics reflect issues that were identified as important when the DGs were launched. They are still relevant but primarily to food composition data compilers. We believe there are topics and questions that are of general interest to the wider EuroFIR Membership and, currently, the Membership is missing out on the benefits of DG activities.

To avoid overlap between DGs, and facilitate broader discussions, we will create one EuroFIR Discussion Group for all EuroFIR members. The FoodCASE User Group will continue to operate separately, as it does now, although FoodCASE User Group members will also be members of the EuroFIR Discussion Group.

Current DGs topics will continue within the new EuroFIR Discussion Group with group leaders supporting these. Discussions are largely by email, with meetings and workshops arranged as necessary in response to Member interest (e.g., EuroFIR Food Forum, Protein Calculation workshop).

EuroFIR Discussion Group (persistent) topics will be:

  • Documentation, led by Susanne Westenbrink (RIVM, NL), Monica Hauger Carlsen (UIO, NO)
  • Branded Foods, led by Patrizia Gnagnarella (IEO, IT) and Maria Kapsokefalou (AUA, GR)
  • Recipe Calculation, led by Katja Sandfuchs (MRI, DE) and Mark Roe (EuroFIR, BE)
  • Laboratory Analysis, led by Helena Costa (INSA, PT) and Mark Roe (EuroFIR, BE)

We hope that the EuroFIR Discussion Group will identify other issues that are important to Members, and additional meetings and workshops can be arranged to facilitate further discussion. However, not all discussions need to be about “big problems” and Members are welcome to ask questions for input from more experienced colleagues.

We hope that EuroFIR Members will benefit from being more aware of discussions and the opportunity to raise a broader range of issues. There will also be opportunities for Members to discuss collaborative approaches to proposals and projects.

Examples of topics that could be discussed within the EuroFIR Discussion Group include:

  • Issues related to compilation of food composition datasets
  • Use of food composition data (including nutrients, bioactive compounds, and contaminants)
  • Food consumption data
  • Other food and nutrition related datasets
  • Nutrition related research related to compilation or use of food information data
  • Training and dissemination activities/ opportunities relevant to EuroFIR
  • Collaboration opportunities with or facilitated by EuroFIR

Both the EuroFIR Discussion and the FoodCASE User Groups will operate under Office365, allowing easy access to information via emails as well as SharePoint file storage, which will be organised into topic folders and documents. All Members will have access to the group emails and documents. Access to group emails is managed by adding the Inbox to your email management software.

Initially, all EuroFIR Members will be added to the EuroFIR Discussion Group, but you can choose to leave at any time (or indeed be re-included), although we would like to think participation is useful and informative and we aim to be inclusive. Please use the group to open discussions on any topic you want to share, raise questions, or ask for opinions. The group will be the starting point for continued collaboration and make progress towards EuroFIR and Members’ organisations goals.

If you have any questions about the groups or set up to receive the emails or access the EuroFIR SharePoint files, contact the EuroFIR Secretariat ([email protected]).

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