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METROFOOD.BE, the Belgian node of the European research infrastructure project, is excited to invite you to participate in our open calls aimed at advancing food quality and safety through cutting-edge metrology and analysis. Read more

Establishment of a New Working Group by INSA to Update the Portuguese Food Composition Table

This initiative focuses on priority areas in nutrition and the anticipated needs of stakeholders and consumers, with the ultimate goal of achieving public health gains related to food. Read more

A new version of the Swedish Food Composition Database

In this latest version several food items have been added and many values ​​have been updated for older food items. Snacks, pizza and minced meat are examples of food items that have been added and/or updated. Read more

Maastricht University Research on Front-of-Pack Labels for Fruits and Vegetables: Policy Inputs Needed

The researchers are seeking input and opinions from experts to help draft a Policy Brief aimed at public policy actors. Their goal is to develop effective communication strategies for promoting fruit and vegetable consumption. Read more

INSA’s Food and Nutrition Department Hosts the 16th Annual PortFIR Meeting | 17-18 October

The event aims to discuss food systems’ impact on health and the environment, strategies for sustainable practices, and disseminate relevant research. Read more

EuroFIR supports recent FoodComp Course at Wageningen University

Several EuroFIR Directors and members attended and gave presentations at the recent course held at WICC on 23rd-28th June 2024 hosted by Prof. Edith Feskens and her team. Read more

#FoodFuture: FoodDrink Europe event

Food Drink Europe held its annual #FoodFuture Ideas Fest in Brussels, bringing together stakeholders to discuss creation of a sustainable, innovative, and health-focused food and beverage industry in Europe. Read more

Job advert: Food and Nutrition Data Specialist

We are seeking a food and nutrition data specialist who can contribute to our work and activities and to our EU- or otherwise-funded projects. Read More

SAVE THE DATE: get ready for EuroFIR Food Forum 2024.

We are delighted to welcome you to this year’s annual EuroFIR event, where we will be discussing Data Quality, Sharing, and Interoperability. Read More

The “Little hand and portion game” booklet helps youngsters assess their dietary needs using their hands.

Nubel has developed a new tool for children aged between 3 and 12: “Little hand and portion game”. The tool is only available in French and Dutch. Read more

The Branded Food and Beverage Composition Database post-food reformulation in Spain

The newly released Spanish Food and Beverage Composition Tables, Tabula™, provide up-to-date information on the nutritional composition of over 6500 processed food products marketed in Spain, from both manufacturers’ and distributors’ brands, ensuring a representativeness of approximately 80% of the current Spanish market. Read more

New food items, new website features, and an editorial novelty are now available!

Following the compilation process, the BDA working group published a new version of the BDA in mid-2023. It now provides the energy (kcal and kJ) and nutrient composition (water, macronutrients, 13 minerals, 15 vitamins, 16 single and 5 total fatty acids, 18 amino acids, 6 sugars) for 1109 foods. Read more

European Food Forum event: “Taking stock of the Farm to Fork Strategy: Reflecting, Rethinking, Rebuilding”

This event was held at the European Parliament to discuss implementation of green initiatives, sustainable practices, and moving forward with the “Farm to Fork Strategy”. Read More

European Food Forum event: Digitalization in Food Environment”

In the middle of February, the European Food Forum held this event to discuss how digitalization is reshaping the agrifood value chain and explore the benefits and risks. Read More

European Food Forum event: Sustainable Solutions for Food Waste and Food Loss Reduction”

At the beginning of March, the European Food Forum hosted a debate about food waste, its impact on greenhouse gas emissions, and potential solutions. Read More