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SAVE THE DATE: get ready for EuroFIR Food Forum 2024.

We are delighted to welcome you to this year’s annual EuroFIR event, where we will be discussing Data Quality, Sharing, and Interoperability. Read More

European Food Forum event: “Taking stock of the Farm to Fork Strategy: Reflecting, Rethinking, Rebuilding”

This event was held at the European Parliament to discuss implementation of green initiatives, sustainable practices, and moving forward with the “Farm to Fork Strategy”. Read More

European Food Forum event: Digitalization in Food Environment”

In the middle of February, the European Food Forum held this event to discuss how digitalization is reshaping the agrifood value chain and explore the benefits and risks. Read More

European Food Forum event: Sustainable Solutions for Food Waste and Food Loss Reduction”

At the beginning of March, the European Food Forum hosted a debate about food waste, its impact on greenhouse gas emissions, and potential solutions. Read More