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Food and nutrition data scientist, Quadram Bioscience Institute (UK) 


Quadram Bioscience Institute (QIB, UK) is looking for a highly motivated individual to drive food data analytics within the Food Databanks National Capability, with an interest in embracing cutting edge computational tools in the study of food composition, food intake and wider nutritional research.


  • Establishing predictive analytics through machine learning and deep learning, using existing and novel data (including food composition and intake data, food imagery, consumer behaviour and lifestyle, biological measurements from blood and wearables, and gut microbiome) that are being generated from the FDNC team and their collaborators. This work will underpin their activities as a lead partner in the EU-wide Food, Nutrition Security (FNS) data cloud to connect various types of data relevant for the food and health research community, and importantly will provide opportunities for the post-holder to work closely with their data science partners across Europe around food and health data.
  • Managing and upgrading their bioactives database (eBASIS) to improve functionality and accessibility, and will explore opportunities to automate the process of data entry (e.g. text mining).

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Interested in nutrition & public health? Passionate about food?

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