EuroFIR Web Services- specification of request-response massages exchange patterns, version 1.2

  This report summarises the specifications for the EuroFIR web services. The objective of these specifications is to ensure food composition data can be exchanged using standardised methods across a network web services. EuroFIR web services provide an interface for the food composition information data interchange. More specifically, the specifications define the rules and requirements for implementation, the format for requests and responses, and the authentication methods. This current version of the EuroFIR web services supports Simple Object Access (SOAP) protocol, and a simplified specification using a Representational State Transfer (REST) protocol is included because several EuroFIR members have implemented web services using REST. Both are optional, but recommended, and are different ways of producing food information for the data exchange.   Key words MDTPacronym for Metadata Transport Package used in data transportation package FDTP: acronym for Food Data Transport Package used in the data interchange Web services: aggregation of different EuroFIR tools and services Web service providers: members of the EuroFIR AISBL implementing the EuroFIR or other web services   To read the full text of the publication click here.