This innovative interface for food composition data allows users to search information from most EU Member States as well as Canada and USA, simultaneously. Ordinary Members have access to a wide range of data, linking foods and nutrients through harmonised data description (LanguaL), standardised components and value description with the use of EuroFIR thesauri (standard vocabularies) and associated nutrient value information.

Replacing eSearch, FoodEXplorer includes options to search for food by name, food groups and the most common LanguaL food description. FoodEXplorer is much more powerful, and has the unique ability to compare component values between foods from the several countries. Results can be downloaded as a Food Data Transport Package (FDTP).

The provision of high quality data in the food composition databases (FCDBs) linked with EuroFIR is one of the most important goals of the network. Therefore, skilled and experienced technical experts are continuously working towards improving the content and quality of the data in their national FCDBs. The data are thoroughly documented for best possible transparency, aggregated, validated and compiled following strict and standardised quality evaluation procedures before it can be published in the national FCDBs and be available for all data users. The provision of a quality index for each value will be one of the aims of the FCDBs in the future, increasing the usefulness of the data for all users.

Data available for use comprise data from the national FCDBs linked with EuroFIR, which can be accessed via the EuroFIR FoodEXplorer

Ordinary members have data use rights for:

  • Own research (e.g. calculation of nutrient values, data evaluation)
  • Publication (scientific communications in journals and other publications, online databases, food product labels, PowerPoint presentations)*

* Subject to specific national license agreement


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