What is the best way to support quality-of-life for the elderly?

In a world engrossed by technology, where the social media abounds, something needs to be done to include older people who are not only missing out on potential benefits, but also have much to contribute. This idea underpins working being done to create TURNTABLE, a platform supporting healthy and active ageing among older adults, helping to prolong independent living.

A platform is a group of technologies used as a base (home) for applications (apps) or processes. TURNTABLE aims to encourage social participation and inspire sharing of knowledge, starting with healthy eating and gardening, specifically growing fruits and vegetables to eat.

To achieve this, TURNTABLE will include …

  • Agrumino, a smart plant pot that monitors temperature, light, water and humidity and, by shares data with TURNTABLE, translates the information into needs such as “I’m thirsty”.
  • OPEN, a dietary assessment and personalised meal planning tool, helping users be aware of their eating habits that can generate dietary recommendations based on Tomappo activities.
  • Tomappo helps users grow vegetables, motivating participation of young and old in growing foods and, most importantly, making adoption of new technology easier and more meaningful.

Acquiring new skills and staying social active, as well as sharing knowledge and spending time in green spaces, promote self-esteem and feelings of well-being. By co-designing TURNTABLE with older citizens, it is hoped this platform will be easy to use and provide reasons engage with new technologies as well as generating personalised dietary advice, including ideas for healthy meals, and support recreational activities, such as social agriculture, reducing isolation, boosting activity, and building social networks amongst likeminded people of all ages.

Editorial notes:  http://www.eurofir.org/our-resources/current-projects/turntable/

TURNTABLE: Platform supporting vitality and abilities of elderly is supported by the Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL) – www.aal-europe.eu


TURNTABLE is a one-stop-shop for ICT solutions for seniors. Users (primary, secondary and tertiary) are involved at all stages of platform development from selection of components (co-creation sessions) to integration and adaptation to user needs (usability testing) and testing (field trials, open beta). Together with the involvement of customers in the project (mobile network operators), this approach ensures adoption and sustainability of TURNTABLE